I stayed at the hotel "Schloss Gabelhofen" which was refurbished old castle in the 15th century Renaissance era

There are many hotels that have refurbished the castle in Europe and you can actually stay. It is a distance of about 10 minutes by car from the Austrian Circuit Red Bull linkSchloss GabelhofenIt is hotel which refurbished old castle as well. In the fifteenth centuryRenaissanceI tried staying at Schloss Gabelhofen which was built at the moment.

Hotel Steiermark: Schloss Gabelhofen | Fohnsdorf | Spielberg-Zeltweg

Local time The state of Schloss Gabelhofen at 7 pm is like this.

There is a hotel in a secluded place surrounded by the Alps except that the light of the building can be seen in the distance.

Schloss Gabelhofen was built in 1443. At that time Japan is Muromachi era, so we can stay at the castle of the Muromachi period.

Fountain at the entrance.

Bridges are connected to the castle.

On the left and right of the castle is an architecture hat building.

Crossing the bridge with a slightly lit light ... ...

Arrived at a heavy entrance where the ivy hangs down.

There was an opened gate when entering. This is not the entrance but the castle gate.

The hotel logo has plenty of atmosphere.

Charity groupLions Club Aichfeld MurbodenProof that you are a member.

Castle with plenty of sense of depth is emerging as you pass through the gate.

The inside of the castle wall is also lighted up and it is fantastic.

This is the hotel entrance.

A huge wooden door when entering. Is it a remnant of the former castle?

This is the hotel lobby.

A fairly stylish front.

The lobby where you can enjoy a lot of sofas.

The roof where the chandelier was suspended ... ...


Stuffed deer on the wall of the colonnade.

A candle was covered in front of a big mirror.

A quiet lobby is a good atmosphere anyway.

You can see the paintings decorated in the corridor from the sofa.

The stairs to the room is like this. Of course there was also an elevator.

Lobby viewed from the stairs

In the corridor leading to the room is a red carpet.

The wall is the castle's head.

I will enter the room.

Inside the door.

A hanger with a gaze

The standard twin beds look like this. The thick mattress was pretty firm.

Because there is an oil heater at the side of the bed, it is not cold at all and it is somewhat comfortable.

Desk for reading.

Oil heater at the back of the desk.

This is a cosmetic desk.

The window looks something like this.

In the back of the room is a storage that also serves as a closet and TV stand.

The closet has plenty of capacity.

Refrigerator in storage box. In addition to mineral water Red Bull promised.

There is also wine.

Sanitary is like this.

A washbasin


Amenities such as cup and shampoo and body soap. In addition, it is unlikely that disposable toothbrushes are prepared at the hotel in Austria, so setting a toothbrush for mobile is essential when traveling.

Outlet in the mirror. Since the plug shape is C type, a conversion adapter is necessary to use Japanese appliances.

Shower room without bathtub.

Toweling ...

Actually oil heater.

I went outside the hotel early in the morning.

The garden terrace looks like this.

A lot of holes in the wall.

Apparently the hole pattern to repel the enemy with a gun.

Moat seen from the top of the bridge. Was there once water spilling?

Parking space in front of the hotel.

This is the front of the hotel.

There are few streets of cars, so it is a very calm place.

I tried walking around the castle.

Going down the path ... ....

Football Ground.

A bridge over a small stream.

A stream is flowing behind Schloss Gabelhofen.

Walking further there was a vast plain and road at the foot of the Alps.

Great attractions around Schloss GabelhofenRed Bull LinkAbout. However, in a calm atmosphere, it seems to be said that it is a perfect hotel for honeymoon when you want to rest your body leisurely leaving the bustle of the city.

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