I tried staying at a student dormitory at Oxford University where I can have breakfast at a historic dining room

I am in the UKOxford UniversityIs the third oldest in the world as an existing university and the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Oxford University, which is a comprehensive university, consists of numerous colleges, and so farMargaret ThatcherAndTony BlairMany British successive prime ministers, including more than 50 Nobel Prize winners, and also known as the royalty of Japanese royalty. The Oxford university has opened a room of a student dormitory that is an empty room to travelers, and it is possible to stay, so I actually stayed and have been watching the environment where famous people stayed in bed.

University Rooms: stay in a historic Oxford College

One of the constituent colleges of Oxford to stay "Keeble College"Is directly across from the Oxford University park.

This is Keble College.

Although it seems to be thought that "Does it really fit in this place?", I will go inside from the door.

When you pass the door, a brick building is built to surround the large courtyard.

I will check in in the gray building next to the entrance. Originally there is reception at a place called "Porter's Lodge" at the entrance, but it is currently in the middle of renovation.

When I checked in, I received three keys to unlock the entrance, corridor and room of the student dormitory.

After checking in we will head to the building of the student dormitory. There was also a big chapel in the courtyard.

When you stand in the courtyard, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty and power of the building.

A figure that seems to be a student is also a thriller.

This is a dormitory for students to stay at this time.

This is the entrance.

On the wall inside the entrance, the symbol of the boat club of Keble / College and the name of the student who seemed to belonged to the club were drawn.

First of all, I open the entrance door with the key I got at the reception.

When entering the student dormitory there is a stone staircase in front of you.

The student dormitory at Keeble College has a door which can be opened and closed by the key also in the corridor, and the security is considerably high.

The corridor is like this.

This is Room 1805 where we stay.

The interior is modern design as opposed to the exterior.

Students' dormitory at Keble College 1805 You can check how the room feels in the room below from the movie below.

The student dormitory 180 kiloby college room is like this - YouTube

There is a single sofa in the room.

The bed is a double size that can be rested spaciously even for two people.

Feeling that the spring is not too hard and not too soft.

There are bath towels, shampoo, rinse, body soap, body cream, etc. in the bed, and it shows the goodness of service you can not think of as a student dormitory.

Next to the bed there is a side table with an electric stand ... ...

Two outlets.

Looking at the other side from the bed there is a large window and a desk.

A desk that seems to have been studied by a number of successful students who graduated from Oxford University.

Mineral water, coffee, tea, cookies etc on the desk are free so it is free. You can also use the internet for free.

There is a shelf and dressing in the back of the desk, which is suitable for long stay.


There was a fridge in the closet.

This is a little smaller bathroom.

The toilet is pretty simple.

Shower room is for 1 person. The water pressure of the shower is not a common weak thing overseas, it is strong, so Japanese people seem to be satisfied with it.

Room is equipped with air conditioning.

After sleeping soundly in a room where it was as satisfactory as you can not think of as a student dormitory, we decided to take breakfast at the cafeteria in the building of the image below.

This is the entrance.

Cute design lamps are installed on the stairs to the dining room.

Climbing the stairs, on the left is the dining room, the library is on the right.

A state in the library where guests can not enter.

I am entering a dinosaur restaurant while thinking that the interior seen from the door is too luxurious, because there is no one inside, "I truly fits in this place".

The cafeteria looks like a big canteen appearing in the movie "Harry Potter", and the heavy feeling of the historic building is overwhelming.

Guests take breakfast at the table at the back of the cafeteria.

Drinks such as coffee, milk and orange juice were arranged in the table along with tableware.

Breakfast is fruit and ham ......

Lighter items such as bread and cornflakes are prepared in a buffet style.

English breakfast is recommended for those who want to eat more dishes. This is not a buffet system, staff at the cafeteria carefully picks up.

Because we are coming to England so much, we tried breakfast with a generous English breakfast.

When sitting at the table and looking at the front, you fall into the illusion as if you jumped into the medieval world.

Spoons and knives are finely designed, and Nafkin is printed with a coat of arms of Keble and College.

Freshly baked toasts were carried during meals.

After dinner we drank coffee with a coat of arms of Keble College and smile.

After a while, other guests also came to the cafeteria to take breakfast.

Kebleu College has good access to sightseeing spots in Oxford, and is highly recommended as it is possible to stay in a historic building where you can not easily see in Japan and eat breakfast. The room rate per night seems to fluctuate according to the time, but when staying in March, there are 65 pounds (about 11,000 yen) for a single room with a toilet bath, 100 pounds for a double room (about 17,000 It was becoming yen).

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