"Belgo Centraal" where you can enjoy steaming wine of a mussel full of eggs to your heart's content

British capital London where a diverse range of races gathers can enjoy not only Britain but also international cuisine such as India, France, Spain, China. Among the many restaurants in London, you can enjoy Belgian cuisine "Belgo CentraalSo, it is said that it is possible to eat wine steamed mussels with a Belgian beer together, so I actually tried going.

Belgo - The world's greatest Belgian restaurants

Belgo Centraal is a 3-minute walk from the Covent Garden subway station in the center of London.

Arrived at Belgo Centraal where the red appearance stands out.

There is reception at the end of a narrow passage when entering the store.

Wait a while in the waiting room until the table is ready. In the waiting room, you can order drinks.

A store clerk will guide you to the basement if you do about 1 minute.

There is a kitchen under the stairs.

Inside the shop where the horizontally long table is lined with Zurat.

I got the menu when I got to the seat. This time I ordered a dish called "TRADITIONELLE" steamed 1 kg of mussels with white wine, celery, garlic, onion.

Here is the menu of beer, I will order Belgian beer with mussels.

The menu is thick and there are 65 types of beer in total.

The menu is Belgian beer center.

"BUSH" with 12% alcohol, despite beer, is the strongest Belgian beer.

I ordered a cherry beer called "KRIEK BOON" recommended by a clerk.

KRIEK BOON is slightly sweet and the crispy flavor feels refreshing. Even people who do not like beer are likely to drink this.

A large pot and fried potatoes were brought to the table in about 10 minutes after ordering.

When opening a lid with a crackle, mussels are wonderful.

Orange mussels are pricking.

Mussels were steamed with celery and onions.

When you eat snacks with a shell with one hand, you can eat snacks in a bite, the shellfish flavors, the crispy taste of white wine, together with a slightly scented garlic is pretty good.

The shell after having finished eating is in a pot lid.

Here is the french fries.

French fries are slightly thick and crispy.

As we progressively eat mussels more and more, cloudy color soup has come into sight.

If you squeeze the soup with shells of mussels and eat them together, you can enjoy a richer taste.

I tried drinking only soup but a bit saltiness.

As we steadily stepped out, the lid of the pan became full of shells.

Complete all 1 kg mussels. Although I am quite swollen by the stomach, it is not about "I can not eat any more". In addition, TRADITIONELLE is 12.95 pounds per person (about 2200 yen), and the cherry beer KRIEK BOON is 6.50 pounds (about 1100 yen).

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