"Parador de Cardona" which can be stayed at about 8000 yen or less for medieval fortress built over 1000 years ago

Spain has developed historic buildings such as old castles, monasteries, aristocratic houses and the like as a hotel "ParadorThere is a state chain hotel chain named "State." Although it seems to be said that you are staying in the castle as "staying high, are not you?", Although it can not be said that it is indeed a lodging expenses of a super cheap, there are also things that are not expensive at best. Cardona which is 100 km north from Barcelona, ​​which is also popular among Japanese, can stay for 8000 yen or less per person "Parador de CardonaIt was said that there was a hotel which refurbished the old fortress named "So we actually stayed.

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As I approached the city of Cardona, the fortress Parador de Cardona rising above the hill came into sight.

A sign stands at the foot of the hill, and it goes up a hill from here to the hotel.

Because the slope is quite steep, people with suitcases are better off using taxis.

A corner of the fortress can be seen looking up.

You can see a big stone gate when walking.

Teachtech thinking that people of ancient times also walked up in the same way.

On the road to the fortress we found something like a hut used for watchdog.

There is a narrow gap in the space where one adult can barely enter, and I realize that I was watching the outside from here.

About 30 minutes walking, the entrance of the hotel finally became visible.

It joins with the roadway from the way and the car runs through the tremendous hairpin curve. The big car is narrow enough to turn it back at every curve.

From the gate, medieval voices are transmitted.

This is the entrance of the hotel.

As soon as I entered the entrance I received a check-in. Because employees of the hotel can speak English, it is safe even if you do not understand Spanish. The room was booked on the official website, and it was 120 euros (about 15,800 yen) by two people.

Weapons are lined up in showcases for some reason before reception.

The imitation weapon can be purchased, the barista is 28.20 euro (about 3800 yen)

The pistol of Napoleon model cost 49.40 euro (about 6520 yen)

Espada is 62.55 euros (about 8200 yen).

The engraved pattern was a beautiful espada.

Move to the room on an elevator.

Arrived on the 6th floor with a room. The corridor is refurbished and has plenty of cleanliness.

Since there is a guide board in the hall, proceed accordingly.

The floor descending the staircase is also on the 6th floor, so inside is quite complicated, so you need to be careful.

Furniture with obvious yearly entry is placed in the corridor.

Arrived at room 611 where we finally stayed by turning the corner many times.

The key is modern with card key type.

This is a standard double room that I will stay this time. The room is small, but the bed is luxurious with a canopy.

In front of the bed is LG TV and fridge.

There is a desk next to the TV. The chair is unsuitable for long hours work because there is no armrest.

There are two chairs in front of the canopy bed.

Tension rose in the room full of history, I tried playing with opening and closing the curtain.

Pillow is a landscape type.

The bed is a little hardened.

Sleeping on a canopy bed is rare, so it increases tension.

When I looked at the wall thinking "Where is the window?", I found a curtain hanging from the ceiling.

I opened a curtain and found a small window near the ceiling. There is one window in the room in the room.

A metal stick is placed next to the curtain.

Open windows with bars.

After all the light in one window is less. I can feel that there were few windows in the old castle and I am not having problems at all as not staying for comfort. Rather, I feel a deep emotion.

Although the window is small, we can spend comfortably with room with air conditioner.

In front of the door of the room, there is a toilet and a bath which was refurbished neatly.

The toilet looks something like this.

The wash basin is also very beautiful.

There are amenities such as shampoo · body soap, soap, comb, but there is no toothbrush.

There is also a hairdryer on the wall.

This is a bath.

One shower at the top ... ...

There were two in total, one on the bottom.

The water pressure of the shower is satisfactory, and there is no such thing as weak water pressure which tends to be a hotel abroad.

There is a closet beside the door of the room, with pillows, hangers and a safe for valuables.

I will try to uro inside the fortress where I saw the room.

People and religious paintings were decorated everywhere in the corridor.

There is space like a dining room where furniture that seems to be high-class is arranged, and anyone can do it slowly.

Space that can be relaxed is everywhere in the hall, but if you are wandering around, you will hit the dead end, or come out to an unexpected place and you will get lost really. Especially when you move from the floor where you stay to another floor and come back, you get lost enough to think that you can not return to the place where you were originally, I took off my head.

The bar on the 6th floor can be used without being a guest.

There was no one at the time of visit, but at night it was a thriller who was watching football while drinking beer.

Next time I will go back to reception and explore the outside of the fortress.

Parador de Cardona is a fortress built on the ruins of the Roman fort in the 9th century by Aragon's military commander Cardona Hou Don Ramon Holke. Some facilities were built in the 2nd century, and you can visit while immersing in the history.

A balcony with great views.

Spanish countryside spreads out.

There were many tourists, so anyone except the hotel entered.

An old well. It is unknown when it was built.

It is pitch dark so that it seems to be sucked in by peeking inside.

When you go around the circumference of the fortress, you reach the terrace seat of the bar you saw earlier.

There was nobody because there was already a chilly season, but where I want to drink coffee on the terrace on a cheerful day when I was shocked.

In front of the terrace, there is a tower called "Otome no Tower". Origin of the name was that Christian princess who fell in love with Islamic youth was obstructed by parents' objections and died.

The top of the tower is the Flag of Catalonia. In Catalonia, the independence movement is still going on, and in Barcelona we encountered a group of people who set up state flags.

Overlooking down from the girl's tower, you can see the entire city of Cardona.

The night view is very beautiful like this at night.

Terrace seats also light up.

After breakfast for overnight, I went to the restaurant for breakfast. A gorgeous space is spreading even before the restaurant.

The restaurant is located ahead of this narrow aisle.

Restaurant leaves atmosphere of medieval age, considerably widened.

Breakfast is buffet style.

There are plenty of sweet type bread.

Cornflakes and coffee.

Chillos, spanish omelets, fried egg in sandwiches.

Furthermore, mozzarella cheese, raw ham, salami, smoked salmon, etc.

Even breakfast is quite luxurious, until you see ahillo and chorizo.

There is no paella, but there are abundant kinds of bread.

Fruits such as oranges, watermelons, pineapple were also available.

Blood grapefruit juice and orange juice etc.

You can enjoy a luxury breakfast that is transcendental.

A breakfast buffet that seems to be around several thousand yen in Japan when it comes to a perfect fortress in Japan, we can afford to have staying at less than 8000 yen per person with plenty of affordability. Parador de Cardona is not a cheap accommodation but it is quite recommended as the hotel has become a value worth staying as the performance exceeds the cost.

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