'Itty.bitty' which anyone can easily create a minimal website free of charge

If you want to share a long sentence with a service that shares short sentences such as Twitter that can only tweet 140 characters at a time, you can share it in several ways, share ideas such as converting long sentences themselves to images and sharing Have to. " Itty.bitty " published by Nicholas Jitkoff, who is design and vice president of Dropbox, can create a free simple website and can easily share long sentence scripts with Twitter and Slack .


When it accesses itty.bitty it is like this. User registration and mail address registration are not necessary at all, and when you click on the part where the explanation is written lightly, editing of the text starts.

There is an input part of the page title for one line at the top, and there is an input part of the page body below it. For this time, enter "Hello" for the page title and "Hello, World" for the page body.

After inputting, click "menu" in the upper right of the page, and click "copy link". This will automatically copy the URL of this page to the clipboard.

I entered the actual copied URL in the browser and opened it. itty.bitty converts content information into a character string by the Lempel-Ziv-Markov chain algorithm (LZMA) and incorporates it into the URL.

Changing the content of the page changes the URL as well. Therefore, if you update the contents after publishing, you need to share the URL again.

Also, pages created with itty.bitty can be edited not only by the person who created the page, but also by those who viewed it. You can edit the page contents by clicking "edit" displayed in the upper right.

You can also use HTML tags as well as letters in the page body. For example, if you type the page body as follows ...

Changing the background color and font size, embedding YouTube movies and Twitter timeline was also possible.

You can also create applications by embedding JavaScript. On the official page there was a page that reproduced the calculator application with itty.bitty .

Of course itty.bitty can also be used from the browser of the smartphone. If the amount of information content is less than 2610 bytes, it is possible to generate a QR code, so tap "qr code" in the upper right.

A QR code which is the URL of the page is displayed. If the amount of content information is small, you can share this QR code with Twitter or Slack without copying the URL.

By using itty.bitty, you can easily share long sentences, data, simple apps. However, it is not a system that uploads data to the server, but files other than text such as images and music can not be directly published, so it is necessary to be careful. The source code of itty.bitty is released on GitHub .

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