Jalapeño's pungent taste with an exciting burger 'Mexican spicy' and 'rich colorful tapioca drink' at Lotteria

A drink " Colorful tapioca drink " with a hamburger " Mexican spicy " with a spicy spicy jalapeno in it and a colorful tapioca of pink, orange, yellow and blue appeared in Lotteria on Thursday, June 21, 2018 I will. I tried a drink of colorful and tropical tapioca with a hamburger that pungent taste of appetite stimulates appetite, a peck of Mexican food "Chipotle" which added a special red pepper to red chilli "Jalapeno" representing Mexico and unique peppers.

~ Mexican spicy burger using jalapeno, which stimulates appetite in the hot summer, appears! ~ "Mexican Spicy" 3 items released on June 21, 2018 (Thursday)!
(PDF file) https://www.lotteria.jp/pdf/jp/store/storage/20180530123444_180530_mexican_spicy.pdf

~ A refreshing drink that colors summer with colorful tapioca appeared! ! ~ "Colorful Tapioca Drink" 4 items released on June 21, 2018 (Thursday)!
(PDF file) https://www.lotteria.jp/pdf/jp/store/storage/180530_summer_drink.pdf

Arrived at Lotteria.

There is a Mexican colorful banner that informs of the appearance of a hamburger "Mexican spicy" that sandwiched Jalapeno in front of the shop. This time we will order 4 types of "Mexican Spicy" all together and "Colorful Tapioca Drink" with colorful tapioca that appeared on the same day.

About six minutes after ordering, all three types of "Mexican spicy" and all four types of "colorful tapioca drink" arrived.

Mexican spicy
· Jalapeno Rib Sand pork "Jalapeno Rib Sand pork" (single item: 450 yen including tax) is a smoky and voluminous pork patty with vegetables, jalapenos, chipotle etc sandwiched between soft French buns fermented for a long time.

In addition to lettuce slice onion, square pork patty, you can see red chipotle painted on the buns and jalapeno rounded in green when opening the buns. Although it is named "Ribsandpork", it seems that barbecue sauce is not included unlike regular ribsand pork .

The lower stage buns are full of mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise wraps up the flavor of smoky pork patty, "Jalapeno Rib Sand pork", and at the beginning of eating I do not feel the pungent taste of jalapeno. However, after a while the spicyness will hit hardly. Jalapeno seems to be pickled with a sharp texture and sour taste with a refreshing bitterness, and I feel two kinds of pungent taste with burning hot spicy chipotle. Also, the pork patty has a fleshy feeling, there are vegetables and buns so there is a volume.

· Jalapeno Exquisite cheeseburger "Jalapeno exquisite cheeseburger" (single item: 440 yen including tax) seems to be a regular regular cheeseburger plus jalapeno and chipotle.

When you remove the buns, you can see Jalapeno · Chipotle · melted slice cheese · coarse patty.

If you take the buns back and take it, you will only see it as a superb cheeseburger, and as you approach "Jalapeno Superb cheeseburger" you will find a delicious scent from pepper and baked patty.

Although the pungent taste of jalapeno pierces from the first mouth, the pointed pungent taste is restrained with the mellowness of the cheese and juicy patty, and as long as it is not a person who is difficult for hot people, as well as spicy foods, I am finished in a burger that can enjoy the combination of cheese.

· Jalapeno shrimp burger - The last of Mexican spicy "Jalapeno shrimp burger" (single item: 420 yen including tax) is a burger using Jalapeno, Chipotle, Ebipati etc.

When you remove the buns, you can see that lettuce painted with Jalapeno · Chipotle · Epipati · Mayonnaise is sandwiched. Although it is named "shrimp burger", you can see that the tartar sauce contained in the regular shrimp burger is replaced with jalapeno and chipotle, and the shredded cabbage is replaced with lettuce.

The fragrance that imagines acidity and pungent taste from Jalapeno and Chipotle, there is a pleasant fragrance of fried from fried shrimp.

"Jalapeno shrimp burger" combines the taste of Epipati with the ferocious pungent taste of Jalapeno. It is a bit disappointing to feel that the presence of Epitpati is weak with pungent sprit of Jalapeno. However, it is becoming a burger rich in variation of texture such as crispy clothes and shrimp texture, jalapeno and lettuce shakijaki feeling.

◆ Colorful Tapioca Drink "Colorful Tapioca Drink" is composed of "Colorful Tapioca Cocktail Soda (Fukuoka Aumao Ichigo & Orange)", "Colorful Tapioca Cocktail Soda (Seto Inland Lemon & Orange)", "Colorful Tapioca Cocktail Soda (Okinawa Pine & Melon ), "Colorful tapioca shakes (yogurt flavor)".

Red, yellow and green colorful tapioca cocktail soda is a limited-time drink cocktail soda plus colorful tapioca, white cup is a yoghurt-flavored shake plus colorful tapioca. Every cup is a bit higher than the traffic IC card (long side 8.5 cm).

· Colorful Tapioca Cocktail Soda (Akao Fukuoka & Orange)
"Colorful Tapioca Cocktail Soda (Fukuoka Ah Maoro Ichigo & Orange)" (single item: 340 yen including tax), put a colorful tapioca on a syrup using Fukuoka Aomori strawberry juice together with a syrup of "Yanchan Orange" with carbonated water drink.

When you remove the lid, colorful tapioca of pink, orange, yellow, blue is floating.

According to a clerk, colorful tapioca cocktail soda is recommended to mix well and drink.

When mixed well, the red color spreads throughout the drink.

However, the colorful tapioca has sunk.

"Colorful Tapioca Cocktail Soda (Fukuoka Aomoou & Strawberry & Orange)" is a fine carbonated drink with strawberry flavors, the taste feels strongly Orange's presence in Nicchan. The colorful tapioca that draws up from the thick straw is made as a rice cake, it has almost no taste on its own, but its surface is soft, but it has elasticity, it feels like a strong white ball of Koshi.

· Colorful Tapioca Cocktail Soda (Setouchi Lemon & Orange)
"Colorful tapioca cocktail soda (Seto Inu Lemon & Orange)" (single item: 340 yen including tax) is a lemonade using Setonai lemon juice, syrup of Suntory "Nyan Orange" and carbonated water together, colorful tapioca as a topping The thing which put it.

Although Nicchan's presence is strong, I feel it is the most mature taste of colorful tapioca cocktail soda 3 products, as the lemon acidity and bittern tighten the aftertaste.

· Colorful Tapioca Cocktail Soda (Okinawa Pine & Melon)
"Colorful tapioca cocktail soda (Okinawa pine & melon)" (single item: 340 yen including tax) is a syrup using Okinawan pine juice combined with melon syrup and carbonated water and adding colorful tapioca as a topping. Sweet and sour pine syrup and strong sweetness of melon syrup with sweet taste are combined to make it sweet as good as finished in a drink that seems easier to drink than pine and melon juice alone.

In addition, all three colorful tapioca cocktail soda felt a little wasteful that colorful tapioca was clogged and can not be sucked up on included ice.

· Colorful tapioca shake (yogurt flavor)
The last is "Colorful tapioca shake (yoghurt flavor)" (single item: 300 yen including tax). It is made by adding colorful tapioca as a topping to the yoghurt taste shake.

When you remove the lid a little yogurt-like scent drifts.

"I wonder if there are not much colorful tapioca in it ... is it? ..." I thought that colorful tapioca was accumulating at the bottom of the cup. "Colorful tapioca shake (yoghurt flavor)" has a yoghurt scent, but acidity is discreet, slightly sweet and seasoned. Tempered shakes are tangled with tapioca and have a sense of unity. However, because the viscosity is a little strong, there was a place where it was hard to drink even a very thick straw.

All three kinds of "Mexican spicy" and all four kinds of "colorful tapioca drink" are limited-time products, "Mexican spicy" until July 4, 2018 (Wednesday), "Colorful tapioca drink" until late August 2018 It is getting. Please note that you can not order at the following stores.

◆ Mexican spicy handling not applicable store list
· ZOZO Marine Stadium store
· Saitama Super Arena store
· Ginza Crystal Building Store
· Ueno Park Rueno FS store
· Kobe Harborland store
· Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis shop

◆ Colorful Tapioca Drinks Handled Outside Store List
· ZOZO Marine Stadium store
· Saitama Super Arena store
· Ginza Crystal Building Store
· Ueno Park Rueno FS store
· Kobe Harborland store
· Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis shop
· Saitama Keiyaki Hiroba store

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