I tried to taste the Calbee snacks with fried potatoes, "Furu Potato (Potato Chips Shiawase Bata - Flavor)" and "Cocktail Soda" using Domestic Juice etc in Lotteria

Fried potato which reproduced the seasoning of Calvy's snack confectionery "Furry potte (potato chips Happy bata ~ flavor)"When "Furu Pote (Sapporo Potato Barba Q Aji Flavor)"Has appeared in Lotteria since Friday, May 25, 2018. Also, a refreshing carbonated drink using domestic fruit juice on the same day "Cocktail sodaAll three types are appearing. I tried to actually taste the refreshing carbonated juice using fruit juice with a combination of popular snack food taste and fried potato.

~ Lotteria × Calbee collaboration "Furu Pote" appeared! ! ~ "Furu Poté (Potato Chips Shiawase Bata ~ Flavor)" "Furu Pote (Sapporo Potato Barba Aji Flavor)" May 25, 2018 (Fri) ... | News Release | Lotteria

~ A fresh fruit squash drink that colors early summer appears! ! ~ "Cocktail soda" released on May 25, 2018 (Fri)! | News Releases | Lotteria

I came to Lotteria.

There was not a poster etc. informing of potato and drink that appeared before the store, but found in the menu in the store. First, ordered "Furu Potato (Potato Chips Happy Bata - Flavor)" and "Furu Poté (Sapporo Potato Buru Q Aza Flavor)". Next, I will order "Cocktail Soda (Setouchi Lemon & Orange)", "Cocktail Soda (Fukuoka Aumao Ichigo & Orange)" and "Cocktail Soda (Okinawa Pine & Melon)".

◆ Fur potato
"Furu potte (potato chips Happy bata butterflies)" and "Furu potte (Sapporo potato baru Q aza flavor)" (310 yen each tax included) arrived. Both of the fried potatoes, as the name suggests, each reproduces the taste of potato chips and Sapporo potatoes of Calvi snacks.

· Furu Potato (Potato Chips Happy Bata ~ Flavor)
"Furu Potato (Potato Chips Happy Bata - Flavor)" (310 yen including tax) is a flavor that reproduced "Happy Flavor of Potato Chips - Flavor". By the way, the collaboration between Lotteria and Calby has been several times before,Consomme W punch flavor"Or"Kappa Eboshi"Calbee's potato chips sandwiched between"Potato chips burger"And others have appeared.

In both paper pot paper bags, french fries with a slightly salty taste are contained.

For the procedure to eat, put the attached "Furu pot pot" in the bag in the amount of your choice, close the mouth of the bag, shake about 10 times with both hands and mix with fried potatoes.

Raw materials of "Rice potato's honey barter flavor" which is attached to "Furu potato (potato chips Happy bata ~ flavor)" is a motifCalbee potato chips Happy butter, "Mascarpone Cheese Powder", "Fermentation Yeast Extract Powder", "Powdered Honey", powder derived from honey, and "Parsley" are included.

Initially, half of the raw fish potatoes are thrown in wait.

I will shake it about 10 times.

Mix the raw fish potatoes and fried potatoes, and the fragrance of cheese drifts from warm french fries.

"Furu potato (potato chips, happiness flavor)" is a sweet seasoning. It smells of cheese, but the taste indicating the presence of cheese is slightly sour. As the name of "Honey Barter flavor", it is sweet and salty flavored with sweetness and saltiness gentle like honey.

· Furu-Pote (Sapporo Potato Barbecue Aji Flavor)
Next, "Furu potte (Sapporo potato barba aji flavor)" (310 yen including tax)

It is like this before mixing with raw fish potatoes. Fried potatoes slender and slightly salty

The raw material of the "raw barbecued flavor of fresh potato" on the separate attachment is also included in the motif "Calbee Sapporo Potato Babe Q Aji, "Powder soy sauce", "beef powder", "chicken extract powder" and many others in common.

Put half of the raw potatoes in wait and shake.

When mixed with raw fish potatoes, there is a sweet smell of barbecue sauce that the beef, soy sauce and pepper combined. By the way, because there is not much color in the raw barbeque flavor of Furu Potato itself, there was not much change in appearance.

When eating, it has a sweet soy sauce taste based barbecue taste. Even just putting half of the raw potato flour, it is finished in seasoned with punch. Because the taste claims are strong, when eating with another item such as a hamburger, it seems better to mix the ingredients of Furu potato little by little.

◆ Cocktail Soda
Next is fruit juice and carbonated waterSquash drink, Cocktail Soda (Setouchi Lemon & Orange) on the left of the series of Cocktail Soda, "Cocktail Soda (Fukuoka Aumao Ichigo & Orange)" in the middle, and "Cocktail Soda (Okinawa Pine & Mellon)" on the right (280 yen including tax )is. For each cocktail soda, domestic fruit juice and Suntory drink "Jack!"Syrup and carbonated water etc. are used.

The variation of the cup size is one, the height of the cup is about a little lower than iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm).

· Cocktail soda (Akao Fukuoka & Orange)
"Cocktail soda (Fukuoka Aomoo Ichigo & Orange)" (280 yen including tax) is a carbonated drink using fruit of Fukuoka Aomori Ichigo etc.

Stir well stir and drink, sweet strawberry fragrant carbonated drink. Carbonic acid is about as fine as carbonic acid, acidity is modest.

· Cocktail soda (Okinawa pine & melon)
"Cocktail soda (Okinawa pine & melon)" (280 yen including tax) is a combination of melon syrup and carbonated water to syrup using Okinawa pine juice. By the way, this syrup of "Daichan!" Is not used only for this drink.

Finished with sweet and faint sour taste featuring Okinawa pine flavor. The color of the drink is melon, but the presence of Okinawa pine is so strong that the taste and fragrance, so if you imagine melon taste and drink it will be a bit surprised ...... However, thanks to the sweetness of the melon syrup, compared to juice only of pine etc., there is roundedness in taste with less acidity. I feel it as the 1st sweet drink among 3 cocktail soda products.

· Cocktail soda (Setouchi lemon & Orange)
The final is "Cocktail Soda (Setouchi Lemon & Orange)" (280 yen including tax). A set of lemonade using Setouchi lemon juice combined with syrup and carbonated water "Nyan! Orange".

When you drink it first feels orange scent and sweetness, lemon aroma and sourness seems to support orange flavor. Although the presence of Orange is strong, I felt refreshed most among the three cocktail sodas, as Lemon tightens the aftertaste.

"Cocktail soda (Fukuoka Aumao Ichigo & Orange)", "Cocktail soda (Okinawa pine & melon)", "Cocktail soda (Okinawa Pine & Orange)", "Cocktail soda And "Cocktail Soda (Setouchi Lemon & Orange)" has a provision period until late August 2018. By the way, although we ordered separately this time, Furu Potato and Cocktail Soda were able to order cheaper than single items "Furu Pote Combi" (420 yen tax included) and "Cocktail Soda Float" with gelato as a topping in cocktail soda 360 yen including tax) are also prepared so on the official websitecheckplease try. In addition, we do not offer in the following shops.

◆ List of stores not covered by offer
· Saitama Super Arena store
· Ueno Park Rueno FS store
· Ginza Crystal Building Store
· Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis shop
· Kobe Harborland store
· ZOZO Marine Stadium store

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