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Battle royal game where 100 players fight with survival on a vast field "Fort Knight"Nintendo Switch versionreleaseit was done. What is different from other battle royal games is that building elements are included, collecting materials by woodcutting or destroying things, building buildings freely at their favorite timing and place, There is an interesting thing that you can fight strategically using. Fort Knight is a game distributed for PC / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / iOS / Nintendo Switch, although basic play is possible for free, it is unlikely to be a game that you can play without spending money Since it has become as high quality as I just tried playing the Nintendo Switch version just out.

Epic Games "Fort Knight"

"Fort Knight" can be installed free from the Nintendo eShop. The file size is 1.9 GB.

Start the game and press the A button when you see the screen below.

At the first startup, you can choose three types: sign up (create an EPIC account), log in with an account you already have, skip (start the game without creating an account).

Although you can start the game as soon as you select "skip", you will not be able to share your account with other platforms, so if you say "I want to play on Nintendo Switch or play on iOS!" Create an account It is recommended. This time I decided to create an EPIC account.

By agreeing to the end user license agreement ......

Enter player name

That's why the creation of the account is completed.

By pressing the Y button you can select game mode. The game mode is "Solo" which fights with 99 enemies alone while surviving, "Duo" aiming to survive to the end with two people, "Squad" to fight until the last one in a group of four Rule that is permanently installed. Other game modes are added and erased every few days, so you can enjoy various rules.

To play the game press X button and wait for a while OK.

After a while it will be transferred to the field like this. This is a place to wait until 100 players gather, so you can practice the operation. At the bottom of the screen, the life of the player (100 with full) will be displayed with a green gauge.

When the bus that the balloon sticks is displayed, the game starts.

Press the - (minus) button to display the map. As the bus goes through the blue dotted line, the player can jump from the bus at his or her desired timing, descend onto the field and fight. Basically the town where the name is displayed on the field is a place where you can get a lot of weapons and goods, and enemies also descend a lot.

When you press the R button on the map, it is possible to put a pin on the map. When playing with solo it is unnecessary, but when playing by multiple people you can pin up on the map and show the team members "Where will you descend".

So jump from the bus with the B button.

If you press the B button during descent or approach the ground to some extent, the glider opens like this and the descent speed drops.

You can see in the movie below how you actually descend in the air.

When you descend from the bus to the field at "Fort Knight" like this - YouTube

Treasure boxes are falling on the field like this. If there is a treasure box nearby, a unique "fur" sounds, so it is good to try searching for nearby sounds. Treasure boxes can be opened by long pressing the Y button.

The contents of the treasure box can be gathered on the field, so pick it up with the Y button OK. Although the bullet and materials is be able to carry around almost without restriction, note that the gun-bomb and recovery items can not carry only up to a total of five.

Items you get are displayed at the bottom right of the screen and can be switched by pressing the R · L button. When equipped with a gun, the aim is displayed in the center of the screen.

Pushing the aim button narrows the aim and narrows the impact range, making it easier to hit the opponent. As for the Nintendo Switch version of Fort Knight, I thought that it would be possible to operate the aim with a controller gyro like Splatoon, it did not become so.

Be careful as the sighted aim spreads little by little as you move or shoot guns. You can watch the sighting and returning in the movie below.

Aiming shrinking by holding a gun at "Fort Knight" - YouTube

That's why it's like this when you actually fight with a gun. Depending on the type of gun it is suitable for use at long distances and it is a good match for short range fighting, so you need to choose what to use according to your TPO.

Discover enemies with 'Fort Knight' & gun battle part 1 - YouTube

Discover enemies with 'Fort Knight' & gun battle part 2 - YouTube

Recovery items are those that restore the green gauge and others that can add a blue gauge above the green gauge. Below the red frame part is a mini potion to add a blue gauge.

When using a mini potion it is necessary to wait for the number of seconds displayed on the red frame while stopping without moving until the effect is demonstrated.

You can add up to plus 100 blue gauge.

You can equip mulberry at any time by pressing the X button. If you use mulberry you can destroy structures and trees ... ...

The more you break, the more material will accumulate in the red frame part.

With the materials gathered in this way you can freely build like the following movies. Move to high altitude or make a fortune fortunately, depending on the idea, various things will be possible.

Tongkang and Architecture at "Fort Knight" - YouTube

You can check the items you get on the cross key. Items can be rearranged in order by pressing the A button, and you can also share the gun bullets and materials you collect with your X and Y buttons.

A vending machine may be placed on the field as follows ... ...

You can get weapons and items with the materials collected like the movie below.

I tried using a vending machine on the 'Fort Knight' field - YouTube

When you get off the field and open the map for a while, you can see that the purple area erupts from the surroundings. This purple area shows a storm, and when swallowed, the life decreases with time.

When it is swallowed by this storm, the screen becomes pale blue, and the life gradually decreases like the red frame part. As the storm happens to be at the edge of the field, it gets swallowed by the storm and it gets swept away in a blink of an eye so the battle range of players is inevitably limited gradually.

Actually entering the storm will make you feel like the following movie.

Swallowed by a storm approaching "Fort Knight" - YouTube

I ended up being killed by the enemy in such a way.

You can check the match result by pressing the Y button.

With Fort Knight you can see the play with the line of sight of the opponent who has defeated yourself so it will be a good learning because you can see players better than yourself even if you lose.

In Fort Knight, various game modes are prepared, for example "50 vs. 50 V 3" ......

Two 50 people team battle over the survival.

There is a teammate player on the name of the blue light player displayed on the screen and the icon portion of white. The light blue icon displayed on the map in the upper right of the screen is also a teammate player.

Although it is Fort Knight who can play basic free of charge, it is possible to get Avatar etc. by purchasing in-game currency called V-Bucks for a fee.

Avatar etc sold at item shop varies from day to day.

When purchasing V-Bucks, "Battle Path" is much more advantageous than purchasing a paid avatar etc. In the battle pass, a challenge such as "defeat three people with a pistol" is set up, and it is possible to get multiple avatars etc by clearing these. It is possible to raise player skill by aiming at clearing the challenge, and also avatar can get also, so it is considerably better than purchasing avatars individually. However, it is necessary to note that the battle path has a validity period set.

If you collect all the items that you can get with the battle pass, it is also a good point to be able to get the same in-game currency as V-Bucks used at the time of purchase.

The challenge of the battle pass can be confirmed on the "challenge" screen.

You can display the setting screen of Fort Knight by pressing the + button on the controller and pressing the gear icon.

Here, the sensitivity of the controller ... ...

The button arrangement can be changed. Since Fort Knight contains craft elements in FPS, the feeling of exhilaration at the time of playing also changes to a mad step by finding the operation method and setting which is most suitable for himself because many buttons to use are changed, so my setting It will become a liver to find out. Since this setting screen can be called during battle, it is also possible to change the sensitivity of the controller a little while actually operating.

For those who are not familiar with shooting games, Fort Knight, which may feel a bit difficulty at first, but because it is proud of the explosive popularity globallyYouTubeYaTwitchThere are a lot of play movies of advanced experts to be helpful on the top, and it is not inconvenient for the video to be referred.

EspeciallyPopular professional gamer earning over 50 million yen monthly in the live performance of Fort Knight· Ninja's movies are a must-see, and you will be able to show professional gamer's ability quite a lot at a level that you do not think you are playing the same game.

Best Sniper In The Game ?! - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja - YouTube

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