Online multi multiplayer 2D game "" that can enjoy battle royal for free can be played

A total of 100 players have landed on a small island and equipped with weapons and tools found on the spot to fight and fight as a battle royal game that is gaining popularity all over the world "PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS)However, the specifications required to play on a PC are high, and players who do not have a gaming PC can not play comfortably. Flash game like PUBG super simplified &"Has appeared and it is said that you can enjoy" PUBG-like "games on ordinary laptop PCs, so I tried to play it. - 2d battle royale game

First of allOfficial pageGo to and enter the appropriate player name. As you can select the server to play next time, click "Asia" this time.

You can play in combination with random players, but this time we will select "Play Solo".

When load finished, the map expanded, and the game started suddenly. "" starts the game when the number of players participating in the game gathers a certain number, and for a while after the game starts, the player who newly selected "Play" will enter. The player manipulates a simple icon of beige which is a combination of three circles in the center of the screen.

In the upper left corner of the map you will see the current number of survivors, the name of the deceased player, and the tools you have.

The player can move the map up, "A" to the left, "D" to the right, and "S" to the down direction with "W".

You can hit a wooden box or pillar that you found by moving the map with clicking the mouse cursor and clicking it, you can break it if you continue to beat persistently.

When breaking the wooden box, there are times when nothing comes up with items, but if you are lucky it will drop items from the inside. This time the back pack to put the tool drops.

To get an item, move the player icon over the tool and press "F".

Often there are items such as weapons in the building ... ...

Only 2x scope was able to be found this time.

When you get the 2x scope, the map that only the vertical 2 × horizontal 3.5 square was displayed until then ......

Double the area will be displayed compared with before.

The line flowing in the red frame part is the bullet shot by other players. By not trying to overlook these, you can see that you are almost not here, even if your opponent's figure is not visible, "Do not notice this presence."

It is obvious that enemies have weapons, whereas they are handbags, so fighting will not win. I found weapons and bullets in the hurry and escape. There are colors for weapons and bullets, red bulls for red weapons and yellow bombs for yellow weapons. Even if we have weapons and bullets of different colors, we can not use them.

You can load bullets automatically when weapons and bullets are acquired and you can check the number of remaining magazines by displaying on the right side of the screen. You can adjust the direction of the muzzle with the mouse cursor, and click to shoot bullets.

Players get damaged if they enter the red zone visible on the edge of the screen. You should be careful not to enter the beginning of the game carefully, but as the game progresses, the red zone expands and the range that the player can move becomes narrower ... ...

You need to escape as the red zone approaches.

You can see how far the red zone moves to the end by looking at the map in the lower left of the screen. The line of the white line displayed on the map is the position where the red zone moves.

When players with weapons encounter each other, a fierce shootout begins.

The gauge at the bottom of the screen represents the physical strength of the player, and if it gets to zero it will be taken. Even though we also suffered a lot of damage here, it was better than the power of weapons ... ...

This battle is the victory here.

When the player is defeated, a skull mark is displayed at that point, and the items possessed by the defeated player are scattered around. Items that the other party dropped can be picked up.

Then I found a new enemy, so I will set up a battle from here ...

I got hit hard by being counterattacked.

When other players are knocked down, the rank at the time of death (the dead order) is displayed. If you want to play again, click "Play New Game" to return to the screen to select the first "Play Solo" or "Play Duo".

You can check how you are playing "" from the following movie.

PUBG "っ ぽ い" online battle game "" I tried playing

Trying to hit what is on the map for the time being, if you keep punching this gray object ......

A blast of a rain. Apparently it seemed to be a drum containing gunpowder, and it died about 10 seconds after the game started.

In another play, we found enemies who do not have weapons. We also do not have weapons, but ...

I decided to hit it for the time being.

Then, it seems that punch can beat the enemy.

Sometimes it is unilaterally destroyed by opponents with high-powered weapons in bare hands, "I think that those who have weapons are strong" ... ...

Despite having a weapon, it was sometimes made into a foul to the enemies of bare hands. When you have a weapon that takes time to reload, it seems that it might be advantageous to throw away the weapon when the other party is brought to the fighting fight by filling up the meeting quickly.

"" is a 2D and simple visual, but it was a game that can firmly enjoy the battle royal. Even those who do not have PCs with specs that can play PUBG can enjoy the enjoyment of a multiplayer battle royal game by playing "".

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