I went to 'Svenil' where I can enjoy 6 panels of specialty shops of Castella and pancakes

Castella's branch shop which has 4 stores in the center of Matsudo city "Sayaka store"Pancake specialty store by"Svenil"is. I heard the story that the six-tiered pancake here was excellent and I went to eat.

Sakaeya ​​| Castella's Sakae Restaurant Information on Svenil specializing in pancake

Svenil is located along the Matsudo Kamagaya Line, 281, Chiba Prefecture Road, east of Matsudo Station. "Nearest station" is about 800 m to the shop at Shin Keisei · Kamimoto Town Station, but if you are Matsudo Shin Keisuke bus you can go near a bit more.

This time I got on from "Matsudo station east exit" bus stop.

To the aiming "Fujimidai" bus stop, "Pine 1", "Pine 2", "Pine 3", "Pine 5" from the No. 1 stop, "Pine 7" "Pine 8", "Pine 8", "Pine 9" "Passes through.

"Fujimidai" bus stop to "Svenil" is 450 meters, about 6 minutes on foot.

Get off the bus and turn left without crossing the "Matsudo City Fire Department" intersection.

A sign with a character like a bee that will appear when walking is a landmark. There is a parking lot in front of the shop.

The entrance is here.

It is lunch time from 11 o'clock to 15 o'clock, 800 yen with soup and salad with 'shrimp and avocado pancakes' etc. The dessert menu can be ordered at any time.

This time, of course, I ordered "Svenil pancake" (980 yen) with 6 piles layered. Fruits and ice cream are added.

The diameter of the pancake is about the short side of the traffic IC card.

The height is above the long side of the transportation IC card.

The cake is thick and moist. When eating without putting anything on, the fabric itself had little sweetness.

As it is multiplied with plenty of maple syrup, sweetness stains in the fabric afterwards, so as to feel the pale sweetness of the flavor of the dough which I did not feel before.

Because the origin is simple taste, impression that it does not bat when combining with ice and fruit, and it fits with any taste. Eating and giving was enough.

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