I have eaten "Black sesame cream solvin" which is full of fluffy shaved ice with cream cream + black sesame seeds and dumpling skewers

Like a fresh snowflake milk spread over black iced black sesame black coat, further cooked cream, black sesame dumpling "skewers" was laid with two don "Black sesame cream sorbin"Has appeared in Korean Desert Cafe" SOLVIN "originating in Korea for a limited period and quantity. What to look big impact shaved ice (sorbic) is set to any taste, I went to eat before you will end the offer period.

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This time I visited the Harajuku store, which is the No. 1 store in Japan of Solvin. There is a shop on the 2nd floor of "SKECHERS" which is located opposite Yamanote Line Harajuku Station and opposite the road. Apart from the Harajuku store, the Fukuoka / Tenjin store, which is the second Japanese shop in Japan, and the Sendai store of the third Japanese shop are deployed.

I will enter the shop from the aisle next to the building.

After walking up the stairs and going upstairs, there was a sign of the shop there.

The inside of the shop is bright with a light which is inserted from a big window, and there is a soft atmosphere.

In Solvin you can eat pizza etc using traditional Korean food "Toppogi" as well as a toast menu besides a shaved ice menu, but this time it will be available for a limited time until November 30, 2017 (Thursday) "Black sesame cream solvin" that is being watched.

I ordered at the cash register and waited for about 5 minutes after handed an alarm ......

The solvin I was ordering has been completed. This time I ordered a hot coffee latte (450 yen including tax) together with "Black sesame cream solvin" (1000 yen tax included).

Even so, it is the mountain of shaved ice that is attracted to the eyes. The total height is about the same as iPhone 8. On the slope of the mountain of ice, fine sesame black sesame seeds are wrapped.

And cream on the top of the mountain is cooked with fresh cream, and on top of that there are two skewers of "Dango" wrapped in black sesame.

Dango is a texture that is motivated, the taste of black sesame tastes fragrant. It is on ice, but because it is not hardened, you can eat comfortably.

Solvin (shaved ice) is fluffy like freshly stacked snowflakes, melting in a moment when put in your mouth. The flavor of the milk of the ice itself and the fragrance of the black sesame match in a well-balanced manner, becoming shaved ice that is not too sweet.

Proceeding to eat, almonds carved out of the mountain of shaved ice have appeared. And texture was crisp, the flavor of some of the sweetness and flavor of almonds is, will be a good accent the taste of milk shaved ice.

However, when I was eating a lot of shaki indeed, my body was getting cold from the inside, so I stopped a little with a hot cafe au lait. By alternating between Keene and cold shaved ice and coffee warming cafe au lait, you can taste both better.

The black sesame formations are hidden in the middle of the mountain, so the taste hardly changes even if you eat more and more, you can taste the black sesame seed till the end.

"Black sesame cream solvin" is limited only in Japan, it is a period limited / limited quantity menu until November 30, 2017, so it seems better to taste people who are interested early.

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