I tried the autumn silonoal 'Caramel apple' of comeda coffee with sweet caramel sauce

A dessert "Silo Noir" with cool cold soft cream on hot Danish bread is one of the menus representing Komeda coffee shops. This fall, using apple and caramel sauce "Caramel apple"Appeared from September 29th, 2016, as the autumn silo wool, so I went to eat.

It begins in the fall of Sino noir, 9/29 (Thu)! | Coffeehouse Komeda Coffee Shop

Arrived at Komeda coffee shop.

On the table, there is a menu of SILO NOWAR "Caramel Ringo" for autumn. It seems to be imagining Halloween.

Menu arrived in about 3 minutes after ordering.

The soft cream has a caramel sauce on it, and an apples of square cut at the foot part.

Jack-o-lantern cookies are offered during the Halloween period (until October 31). Please note that there are limitations on the quantity, so there is a possibility that it will disappear as soon as possible.

Candy cream is sandwiched in Danish bread.

The characteristic of silo wool, the gap between the temperature of the Danish and the soft cream is intact, a little sweetness and sourness of the apple are added to the sweetness of the soft cream and the sweetness of the caramel sauce overlap. It is good to match the Danish fluffy texture and the goodness of the crisp and crisp apple, eat well enough.

By the way, I ate this time is a normal size of 720 yen including tax, but there is also a little small mini caramel apple (500 yen including tax), even one person is fine.

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