McDonald's Chicken Nugget is made like this, a movie that hits a manufacturing factory is on sale

In 2012 by Jamie Oliver of British chefDiscovery of the use of pink slime meatAlthough it was McDonald 's then, after that banned the use of pink slime meat, opened the recipe on the official website, appealed the safety of chicken mac nuggets. We interviewed McDonald's Chicken Mack Nugget manufacturing factory, and a movie that approached how Chicken Mack Nugget is being madeHow It's Made McDonald's Chicken McNuggets"Has been released.

How It's Made McDonald's Chicken McNuggets - YouTube

It is Mr. Grant Imahara to interview chicken McNugget manufacturing factory.

Mr. Imahara visited the factory of Tyson Foods, which is making chicken mac nuggets of McDonald's. Amy Steward of Tyson Foods will guide you.

Looking at many employees working at the factory, Mr. Imahara said "The factory at Chicken Mack Nugget was just an oversized machine to put chicken in and make mince, but it was an impression before we came here, but it exceeded expectations I am amazed that a number of employees are working. " It seems that it was different from what we initially imagined.

Mr. Imahara said "When you search on the Internet with" Chicken Mack Nugget ", you will see an image of pink slime meat." What is this? "Asked Mr. Steward while showing pink slime meat images.

Mr. Steward replies, "I do not know where the image came from, but what I see in this image is not used for chicken mac nuggets."

Mr. Imahara said "This is what is called pink slime meat.If you mince chicken used for chicken mac nuggets, would you do like this?" .

"Let's actually see" to see the manufacturing process of chicken mac nuggets. Many employees are handling chicken here, and Mr. Imahara shows a surprised appearance.

Three parts of breast meat, rib and tenderloin are used for chicken mack nugget, and the skin is used for flavoring later.

"Is not Chikin Mak Nugget really in only Kore? Is not Kuchibashi or legs in it?" Mr. Imahara asked, but Mr. Steward denied "I have nothing else in it".

Minced meat comes out like a pipe on the left is a process of mincing three kinds of chicken.

It seems that it is processing to a size that does not impair the texture of chicken mac nuggets in the mining process.

This is mixing minced chicken with seasoning. Here I am going to mix minced meat of breast meat, rib and tenderloin with leather and marinade liquid and mix. The content of this marinade liquid is water · sodium phosphate · edible processed starch · salt · rosemary etc. All contents arePublic on official websiteIt is being done. According to Mr. Steward, the modified starch is used to give a juicy feeling of chicken mac nuggets.

This minced meat made through the above cooking process.

Mr. Imahara said "I am totally different from pink slime meat, this minced meat has more" meatiness "than pink slime meat" I am impressed.

I'm putting clothes on chicken mack nuggets.

Chicken Mack Nugget passes through a roller-like machine with clothing including pepper, flour, corn powder etc ......

It is fried as it is.

A large amount of chicken mac nuggets after frying.

At the factory, it will be fried to about half a month and it will not fire completely. It is packaged and carried to the McDonald's store, it is deep-fried again at the store, and is brought to the customer.

Mr. Imahara, who thought that the pink slime meat seen on the Internet was still chicken used for chicken mac nuggets, but after the interview I said, "I checked with my own eyes, there is no mystery on chicken mac nuggets" It was.

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