I ate "raw parfait" that uses "Matcha's hot cake" with soft pasta & brown sugar butter on soft-green tea dough and yakitori of touch feeling

Freshly baked with meringue on the dough in which Uji mathema has been mixed, softly topped with butter with brown sugar and fluffy "Matcha hot cakeThere is a shop in Kyoto · Shijo Karasuma that can eat "Umezono CAFE & GALLERY"is. Plus a raw luck with a distinctive and elegant texture added to a Japanese style parfait "Parfait's parfaitIt is said that you can also eat, so I actually went to a shop and had a Japanese dessert.

Umezono CAFE & GALLERY - Gallery and · Umezono Kyoto sister store cafe

"Umezono CAFE & GALLERY" is located about 10 minutes on foot from Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line and Shijo station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway Line.

The entrance of the shop is a Kyomachiya style design with a roof tile and grille.

The inside of the shop is also making a portrait that is like a Machiya.

There is a tsubo yard in the back of the shop, and it becomes a cafe that gets a deep breath.

In addition, selling miscellaneous goods were also done in one corner of the store.

The seat is prepared for 2 people, 4 seater table seats and 6 seater sofa seats, and there are table seats on the 2nd floor.

Looking at the menu on the desk, there are plenty of Japanese style desserts, such as Warabimochi and Mitarashi dumpling, and it will be visible.

Among them, Uza Matcha was incorporated into the fabric "Matcha hot cake"(930 yen including tax) and ... ...

Ice crispy over rice (Namafu) "Parfait's parfait"(780 yen including tax) ordered. The "French toast of brown sugar" at the upper left of the photo (780 yen including tax) is a recipe book "French toast at the shop level is completed"I love you! French toastIt is the menu that became the basis of the recipe published in "

Waiting to wait about 10 minutes, the "parade of parfait" arrived earlier. I was able to attach a drink set at plus 400 yen, so I tried it with icegrass tea.

Around the ice cream with the honey and black honey, there is a rusty appearance which is not seen in ordinary Japanese style parfait first.

Plenty of vanilla ice cream and plenty of black honey.

First of all I will try to eat it from green wormwood. Raw noodles with scorched charred on the surface can enjoy a crisp texture and a sense of inner mochi at once, and enjoy a refreshing flavor of wormwood.

As white millet has plain taste rather than wormwort, it is good that sweetness stands out when you eat a lot of black honey and mushrooms. Speaking of nutrition, it is common to put in miso soup or miso to make rice dumpling, but I felt it was quite ant to eat it as a Japanese style dessert together with black honey and kinako.

When you eat raw vegetables and ice cream together, warm and cold ice cream mixes in your mouth and you can taste a magical feeling. Heat is confined inside by grilling the surface and burning the surface, the thing with good melting in the mouth while consolidating the ice is used, so you can enjoy the temperature difference of raw ice and ice slowly.

As a Japanese-style parfait toppings, the white plate of the iron plate has elasticity more than raw water, and the difference in texture is interesting.

Under the ice was a huge warabi mochi hidden so that it could spill from the spoon. There was a considerable eating response with a neat texture that is different from raw and white balls.

"Matcha's Hot Cake" arrives after about 20 minutes since ordering because it is made by whisking meringue after entering the order.

Diameter is about a little smaller than iPhone 5s.

Toppings are used well as Matcha well, with butter mixed with brown sugar.

Looking at the dish from the side, the side of the fabric was matcha color, and there was thickness comparatively.

The back side has been baked heavily fondly.

With chopsticks to eat hotcake and "Hot cake is modestly sweet, please syrup as you like" and the syrup bottle was attached.

Taking a hot cake with chopsticks is so fluffy that the tip sinks deeply.

The dough can be easily cut with chopsticks, the inside was beautiful matcha color.

First of all, when eating without adding anything, it is elegant taste that you can feel solid rich aroma of green tea firmly, like a souffle rather than a hot cake, fluffy & dusty texture. Both bitterness and sweetness are modest, so chopsticks did not stop tasting.

Sweetness is added plus brown sugar butter, and the flavor of Matcha is more complemented.

Although syrup is also using brown sugar, feeling that the flavor of Matcha is slightly diminished when it is put on hot cake. It may be nice to put plenty of syrup on when "I want to eat sweets anyway!"

Icegrass tea of ​​drink set was suppressed bitterness of matcha, it was drink easy to drink in hot season.

In addition, opening time of Umezono CAFE & GALLERY is 11: 30 ~ 19: 00 (last order 18: 30) and no regular holiday is pear. It is a little off the main road, but it is also a short walk from the Kawaramachi station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line and the Keihan Gion Shijo station, so it seems good to use it as a break point for sightseeing in Kyoto.

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