I ate "Mankyuu" which I eat while grilling at the huge shade ice and seats of Sakura cake taste "Tasuki"

Speaking of shaved ice, it is common to eat in hot summer days, but recently many shops offering shaved ice are on display all year round. Kyoto · Gion's "Tea ceremony and alcohol drinking", I chose to go on actually because I can eat shaved ice of Japanese taste such as Matcha or Hojija all year round and can spend slowly while watching the river from the window side.

Tea ceremony and alcohol drinking

The address of tea ceremony and sake brewing is "Susuyoshicho Higashiyama ku 77-6 Kyoto city", 4 minutes on foot from Keihan Gion Shijo Station, and about 8 minutes on foot from Hankyu Kawaramachi station.

The shop is a wooden two storey building.

Before the shopShirakawaThere is a flow, crossing the bridge and heading to the shop.

When I visited in early March, plum blossomed on the river side.

There is an illustration that hands the baton to the goodwill of the shop.

Outside the shop is a Japanese-style appearance, but the inside of the shop has been renovated to a modern atmosphere.

In the counter seat, hot water was boiled in the tea pot to make a hot drink.

There are also seats that can sit with a large number of people at the window.

The lantern comes with a logo of Sasaki.

You can take a meal while looking at the scenery outside at the window's seat.

Looking at the bridge from the shop when entering the shop is like this.

Also, there are tiles buried in the inside of the store ......

It looks like the Japanese restaurant and antique tableware are decorated around the shop and it is quite elaborate in the interior decoration.

Antique style of hand towel.

Menus are drinks, sweets, alcohol and ...

There is a shaved ice and a meal menu.

"Japanese sweets of the day" was prepared with Japanese sweets such as Nirikiri, and on the day we visited, it was possible to choose one from five different types of Japanese confectionery.

"Original blended tea (roasted tea and yuzu)When you order, you will receive a cup of tea and teapot, a bonus of a tea ceremony on a pretty table. The price is 756 yen including tax.

Mini size enough to put a cup in a fingertip. After drinking, there is a smoky scent smoked in the fragrance of the tea ceremony, and the aftertaste is refreshing with the flavor of yuzu. According to the store clerk, since the original blended tea is a dish recommended as a dish, people who like the smoky flavor should drink it.

Tea deal is an opportunity of black sesame. Sesame flavor and sweet soy sauce flavor match well.

Tea pot contains about 5 cups of tea plenty.

Seasonal limited "Shaked ice of cherry mochi"(1188 yen including tax) will be provided on the lacquered Bon Festival.

The shaved ice has been pumped out of the glass vessel, and when it is arranged side by side with the iPhone 6s Plus, the shaved ice is huge than the iPhone.

On the surface of shaved ice, we topped with cherry-flavored syrup and salted salted cherry leaves.

The lower one is a pale pink cherry blossom sauce sauce.

When scooping with a spoon of wood and eating it, the cherry syrup of gentle sweetness and the salted cherry blossom leaves mix together, and the taste is completely cherry-moist cake. Unlike cherry mochi with a dusty texture, shaki - ice of shakurumo rice melts with fluffy ice in the mouth, so you can enjoy a magical feeling.

The inside is pure white, making simple wishes that you can feel the flavor of Washonsan. Eating alternately between the outside and the inside creates a change in the taste and can be eaten.

When I say shaved ice, I often eat it with sweet syrup, but the combination of salted cherry leaves salted and shaved ice is surprisingly pretty ants. The balance between saltiness and sweetness is exquisite, and the hand that advances the spoon stops stopping.

Eating forward, vanilla ice wrapped in cowhide appeared.

When you eat shaved ice and vanilla ice together, it feels like you are eating cherry cake rice with thanks to the cowhide skin texture. You can also enjoy the difference between the rich vanilla ice and refreshing shaved ice taste.

Ice was also at the bottom of the dish.

As it was a big size shaved ice, "I was worried that the ice will melt and become shababasaba at the end", but in the latter half the tempura sake crispy sauce sauce is working tightly, until the end You can enjoy the taste of sweet salted cherry rice cake.

Then "Grilled Bunsha"(864 yen including tax) was ordered. A bright red tray attracts an eye.

Three bamboo strips with wormwood flavor ......

Black honey and kinako powder are set.

In addition, a grill net for baking and eating bamboo in the seats has been brought.

麩 Manju is that it can be eaten as it is without baking, trying on one as it is, the outside fabric has a unique chewiness that is dusty, the inner paddle is sweet with sweetness and wormwood The flavor stands out.

Since the sweetness of Manju itself is modest, you can adjust it to your favorite sweetness by adding black nectar or kinakara.

The remaining two are baked on a grill. Because there is a possibility of burning with chopsticks of wood, we use special metal chopsticks.

If it is baked for a while, the surface bulges and it burns brown.

If you have grilled eyes, I will eat it in a small dish.

By burning the surface, the refreshing flavor of Wormwood further improves, and the damp feeling of dough increases, so it seems that you can eat any number of pieces.

As the whole is slightly warmed, you can enjoy contrasting warm dough and cold black nectar with black honey.

It is good even if it is made to make a rice cake by crushing kinakara.

After meals, warm hoji tea was offered for rework and it was able to relax slowly, so it was a comfortable space that made me want to linger over long while looking at the outside scene at the window.

The opening hours of "Tea ceremony and sake cake" are from 11 o'clock to 19 o'clock in the cafe and 20 o'clock in the bar to 4 o'clock in the morning.

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