Amazon is considering purchasing stores of 'Toys' R Us' announcing closure due to bankruptcy

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In September 2017, I applied for the application of Article 11 of the federal bankruptcy law as Japan's civil rehabilitation lawToys' R UsIn March of 2018, to shut down all stores with more than 800 in the United StatesHad announcedHowever, it has been reported that Amazon watching there is considering purchasing some of the stores and making use of it.

Amazon Has Considered Buying Some Toys 'R' Us Stores - Bloomberg

According to the information Bloomberg reported as related stakeholders, Amazon has purchased some of Toys' R '' s stores that were closed and examined the possibility to use it for a strategy to expand retail real stores that the company is advancing It is said that. Amazon is not interested in the survival of the "Toys" R "brand and is considering making use of Toys 'R' s store building that will become a vacant house in the near future to utilize it for its business, He tells Bloomberg subject to anonymity.

It is a matter of course that more than 800 "properties" that Toys' R Us owned nationwide appear as attractive to Amazon. Amazon has bought Whole Foods, a major food retailer, and has bought 450 stores nationwide to strengthen food sales. In addition, the real shop bookstore, which is opposite to the formation of "online bookstore"Amazon Books"And" Real-time convenience store without store "using AI technology Real sales store"Amazon GoAfter winning the net retail, including opening the "," it is said that the aim is set as a "real" store.

Real bookstore photo report that Amazon finally opened, inside is like this - GIGAZINE

Amazon 'Real Go' real-selling store "Amazon Go" finally opened - GIGAZINE

Acquisition of Toys 'R' s store by Amazon is still in the examination stage, and it seems that it has not reached a concrete stage. A major consumer electronics retail chain chain in 2015RadioShack applies for bankruptcyAlthough it was considered to purchase some of the stores that were 450 in the United States, it finally ended without purchasing one store.

However, it is a reasonable strategy for Amazon in the middle of developing nationwide deployment of immediate delivery service as an Amazon prime service with a store in the area close to consumers and setting up a shipping base Therefore, choosing a chain store that had been deployed nationwide and purchasing it is said to be meaningful in terms of ensuring future strategies. In addition to utilizing real stores to supply fresh foods and the like, Amazon has set out a policy to utilize stores as the foundation for expanding sales by displaying actual machines of the popular "Echo" series audio assistant device It seems to be.

Toys' R Us and Amazon once had a partnership relationship. The toys sold on Amazon are all about the time when Toys 'R Us was dealing, but the contract ends with Toys' R Us which was stagnant in the supply of goods by Amazon. Since then Toys' R Us attempted to pursue its own online strategy, it is thought that the result of bankruptcy this time was due to lack of efforts to follow the trend of the net. That is, Amazon's shadows are flickering for a while in the background of Toys 'R Us' s bankruptcy.

"10-year contract with Amazon" that ruined Toys' R Us | Forbes JAPAN (Forbes Japan)

The founder Charles Lazarus who built a huge toy store chain in one generation after a week when Toys' R Us announced bankruptcy and closure of all stores left the world at the age of 94 at the age of 94.

Toys 'R Us' s founder died 94 - BBC News

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