When Amazon opens 300 to 400 real shops that are not online, it is reported that Amazon is in a state of anger

Amazon, the world's largest online mail order company, reported a plan to open a real store type book store. This is revealed by the CEO of a major real estate investment company in the United States, but it seems that the main people of Amazon are getting angry about these reports.

Amazon plans hundreds of physical bookstores: DJ, citing mall CEO

Amazon Plans Hundreds of Brick-and-Mortar Bookstores, Mall CEO Says - WSJ

What made it clear that full-fledged advance to Amazon's real stores is made by real estate investment company "General Growth Properties"CEO of Sandeep Mathrani. The company owns more than 120 well-known shopping malls such as "Ala Moana Center" in Hawaii, mainly in the United States, according to Wall Street Journal Mr. Mathrani asks questions from analysts at the performance presentation meeting In answering, he said about Amazon's exhibition plan.

Mr. Mathrani said at the meeting that "Amazon's real store will be opened and their goal is 300 to 400 stores as far as I know," he said. Wall Street Journal reporter "Breaking news: Amazon ranged from 300 to 400Real shopPlan to open in the middle of the U.S. "The following tweets are done.

In fact, Amazon's actual store plan that was revealed this time, in fact, Amazon opened the first store of "Amazon Books", a real shop in Seattle in November 2015. Although stores built as 'physical expansion of Amazon.com' are small in size, it seems that there is a movement to expand this store, due to the repercussions. In addition, books sold in Amazon Books are said to be able to afford the same price as on the Internet.

Real bookstore photo report that Amazon finally opened, inside is like this - GIGAZINE

Advance to Amazon's "real world" is attracting attention also to various media as a matter of course. Meanwhile, it seems that some Amazon executives are angry about the content of articles published by GIZMODO.

Amazon Will Open Over 300 Physical Bookstores Because Life Is a Practical Joke Played On Us All

In the article, after mentioning the overview of Amazon stores expected to be open, we cite the history of Amazon's withdrawing a number of existing bookstores by selling books at cheap prices over the past two decades I am selling books at the same price as the Internet "is written as" very pleasant "policy of Amazon real stores.

In response to a number of reports including this article, anonymous information that Amazon's non-CEO is angry has arrived at a reporter in GIZMODO. The person has convicted the content of the article as "misleading", but GIZMODO has refused to deny the formal denial it has sought over and over. And furthermore, the circumstances that people who are not CEOs of Amazon are more angry about the report of "refusing the official denial" has been clarified.

Looking at the places where there is no official denial, there is no choice but to think that there is no doubt that some plan is under way. It is a slightly ironic story and interesting feeling that Amazon, once having influenced the closure of conventional stores, to open a real store type bookshop once again.

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