Google engineers are serializing an angry Amazon review on the current situation where the terrifying Type-C USB cable that destroys the PC is flooding

A Google engineer who tested a bad Type-C USB cable and published it in the form of a review on was angry that a Type-C USB cable 'broke my PC'. The latest review of is posted. Benson Leung's review of

Here's my last #USB #TypeC review for a little while. Tl; dr: DANGER ....

The angry review is posted by Benson Leung , an engineer who develops Google's high-performance laptop Chromebook Pixel. Although the Chromebook Pixel is equipped with a Type-C USB port and supports high-speed power supply of 3A (5V, 15W), the Type-C USB cable that is on the market is USB Type-C ( v1.1) As a result of worrying about the current situation that there are many inferior things that do not comply with the standard and it is not possible to quickly supply power, Type-C USB cables sold on are all from one end. I'm testing and reviewing.

In addition, Leung said the test of the USB cable, ' USB-PD Sniffer nicknamed' are using the device as a 'Twinkie (Okama)' pattern.

While most Type-C cables are rated as one or two stars as inferior products that are not performing well because they do not comply with the standard, 'it may be the last review product for the time being.'

The '3M USB A-to-C cable ' made by Surjtech has been criticized for its start. I don't know if it was caused by Leung's review, but the cable is not available for purchase on at the time of writing the article.

As usual, Leung tried connecting the iPad with a Chromebook Pixel with a Twinkie bite and a Surjtech USB cable, and it was able to power at 12W. However, when I entered a command to measure current and voltage into Twinkie, an error occurred immediately. And Twinkie passed away ...

In addition, the USB port of Mr. Leung's favorite Chromebook Pixel also became unresponsive immediately, it could not recognize the device connected via USB, and it became impossible to supply power. After restarting the Chromebook Pixel in recovery mode and investigating it because it could no longer recognize the USB controller, it was found that the charging and connection components had been destroyed.

Leung, who destroyed the Chromebook Pixel, decided to disassemble the Surjtech USB cable. Then, it turned out that the GND pin on the Type-A side was connected to the Vbus pin on the Type-C side. Naturally, the Vbus pin on the Type-A side was connected to the GND pin on the Type-C side, and it seems that the reason why the Chromebook Pixel was broken was that it was miswired internally.

Leung, who destroyed one Chromebook Pixel and two USB-PD Sniffers, naturally got a one-star rating in an review. If there were zero stars, it would have been a zero rating. In addition, Mr. Leung will contact Surjtech directly immediately.

Leung, who destroyed the Chromebook Pixel, is likely to take a break from quality research on Type-C USB cables for a while, but has tested and reviewed more than 100 Type-C cables so far. As a seeker and pillar in search of a safe Type-C cable, its revival is awaited.

In addition, you can check the review list of Type-C cables and converters by Mr. Leung on the following page. It seems to be a great reference when looking for a decent product from the type-C USB cables of the cobblestone mixture. Profile For Benson Leung: Reviews

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