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Lotte Co., Ltd. and a popular ramen shop "Noodle Musashi" collaborated, and a wearing noodle menu for Valentine's Day "Tsuke Ghana 2016We will sell it in limited quantity. Ghana 2016 is a ginkgo milk and a cow consommé plus four kinds of smoothies-like root vegetables combined with noodles to be eaten with noodles added. From the February 4 th to the 14 th of February 2016 Shinjuku noodle shop Musashi It is sold at the head office and Kamata shop, each store is limited to 20 meals a day, and the price is 1000 yen including tax.

We're doing it this year too! ︎ From tomorrow to 14th, at Shinjuku general head office and Kamata shop, it is a sale for 20 days a day only, 1000 yen including tax. It became very good again this year too! ︎ Please relish by all means! ︎

Posted byNoodle shop Musashi (noodle shop Musashi group)OnFebruary 2, 2016

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Trick to acquire administrator authority when forcibly starting Windows 7 - GIGAZINE

We have overwhelmed all types of fruits at Senjuiya general head office "All-you-can-eat fruit of the world" set aside for cakes and hors d'oeuvres with all you can eat, such as luxury fruits and mango curry - GIGAZINE

Windows 10 is decided to be offered free of charge to "Raspberry Pi 2" - GIGAZINE

Navi app "Waaaaay! (Wow!)" That dramatically increases the meeting success rate - GIGAZINE

A terrible event experienced by users with high scarcity Twitter accounts - GIGAZINE

A movie collecting the successive winning movies of the Academy Visual Effect Awards - The Gigazine

I compared Japan's 500 yen coin, which might be the strongest in the world, with the currencies of the world - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
I ate cockroach - a note of a silver man

【With animation】 Results when a physicist shoots himself in the water Result: Kini speed

Why does Japan not teach philosophy: philosophy news nwk

I have doubts about "First prize for children who took out" but it was awesome

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Paleolithic human beings, fossil discovery pictures in Israel who cooked turtles 1 International news: AFPBB News

Eye of automatic operation, sensitivity 100 times Panasonic developed: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

119 and 120 too ... To a new challenge to discover elements: Science · IT: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Do animals also do "war"? | National Geographic Japanese version site

High reward for researchers possible Brief of the bill solidified NHK News

Children with autism differ in the growth of the word recognition section NHK News

School girls high school student, 17-year old three-dimensional map Secondary school followed by the nation's highest prize: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"From Singularity Artificial Intelligence to Super Intelligence" - HONZ

Is it morning or night? It is one genetic research photograph to decide International news: AFPBB News

Paleolithic human beings, fossil discovery pictures in Israel who cooked turtles 1 International news: AFPBB News

Elephant, poached fruitlessly searching for flocks with a sharp decline helicopter, shooting dead everywhere: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mercury in fish and shellfish, No adverse effect on old brain Photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
CNN.co.jp: "Refugees gang rape", a girls make-up talks Germany

North Korea launch notice missile, passing over the Sakishima Islands in Okinawa - Sankei news

Consider "savings tax" and "death consumption tax" within the government already already │ NEWS post seven

Current affairs dot com: LINE overburdened distrust = 19-year-old boy, killing 1 - Yokohama District Court

Current affairs dot com: PAC 3, to Ishigaki-Miyako = strengthen defense capability with missile notice

Operating company of Karuizawa bus accident, 33 violations of laws and regulations: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Ice in consigned to Escherichia coli is also in warehouse illegal circulation survey: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Special investigative department listens to UR officials | Reuters

Nintendo postpones advance to health field President "Product level still": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kenichiro Mogi Official Blog - What I thought from Kiyohiro Kiyohara's news - Powered by LINE

Mr. Trump, still very radical remarks Republican Party debate - West Japan newspaper

First time in the Netherlands, commissioning of automatic operation minibus 2 pictures International news: AFPBB News

"Order of destruction measures" issued ... Defense Minister preparing for North launch: Politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Video: Ferrari made in 1957 auctioned up to the highest ever in history, 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

Test flight of zero game, to collect funds for future dynamic preservation | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

【US presidential election 2016】 What candidate would you like for a government? Major policy summary

China, animation movie with policy slogan photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

Democratic · Clinton Mr. Kyowa · Cruise victory NHK News

North Korea "Satellite launch launched from 8th to 25th this month" NHK News

NHK news strengthens correspondence with emphasis on involvement with Jika fever microcephaly

Nuclear accident and misinterpretation of vehicle disposal - Kyodo News 47NEWS

Account fee from company to ordinary deposit Mitsubishi UFJ Silver review: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Accounting system operation arrested former employee suspected of fraudulence by more than 100 million yen: Asahi Newspaper Digital

"List letters randomly" Diet Library returns books NHK News

1 volume 6 million yen mystery book, National Diet Library seek to return compensation compensation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Arrest Former Executive of Korea University "Spy Heaven · Japan" aimed at North Korea's director, also in Korea presidential election (1 / 3page) - Sankei News

Northern · machine tool encryption soft to man computer | Nittele NEWS 24

Osaka municipal bus: trust failed ... abandon 67.4 billion yen to privatize - Mainichi Newspaper

Shiseido for the first time in 27 years To new factory in Japan NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Medium 3 English ability "listen" "poorly read" weak ... not reaching the goal: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

English ability of middle 3, degree of English examination 3 grade is 2 to 40% Country measurement test: Asahi Shimbun Digital

How did he improve the postponement? | Books & Apps

Coca-Cola, 15 vending machines purchased for free 1 Utilization of smartphone: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Is it morning or night? It is one genetic research photograph to decide International news: AFPBB News

Saitama) Wedding ceremony suggested by female students Presentation at Kawagoe: Asahi Shimbun Digital

I was told that at a car dealer 'I have to give you a catalog why high school students' - Togetter Summary

Unfair feeling? Reason why internal day nursery can not be made - Woman who falls in love (now in childcare)

Cherry blossom prediction - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

Moving amount of living alone wwwww w: Fu

150 g of vegetables will go! "Squared hot cake" of toaster letter - morning time.

To sublime sexuality and eliminate prejudice - the significance of nude drawing sessions anyone can participate - Utopi

Vegetarian, Can You Protein Properly? - WSJ

Went and bent and turned Shin-Imamiya station east exit to "Tsutenkaku mouth" | news of riding

Death of popular voice actor: No abnormality EBV infection ... complaint appealing designation - Mainichi Newspaper

Breakthrough with terrestrial broadcasting (other than animation). Tired of being honest with SMAP coverage - Animation Wo Suzume

The consequence of 'connection fundamentalism' - lessor's diary

Vendor warns "Electric kettle udon" "Burn and malfunction" - withnews (with news)

Common points of good communication among people with good point - Yuzurimu

But what is communication ability in the first place? Various people cite various definitions, but in my opinion, the communication skills required for company employees are neither good friends nor funny stories can be done with anyone, "information Ability to be able to communicate correctly and efficiently "I think.

[Job record] I've been involved in the revitalization business of a ryokan with poor management situation - Delusion Theater Hall

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Beginner welcome! Introduction to regular expressions to remember with hands and eyes · Part 1 "Search various types of telephone numbers" - Qiita

【Weekly Electric Zooma! Of Kotera Nobuyoshi】 742rd: Can iPad Pro really be used for 4K video editing!? Gachi Verification - AV Watch

Google raises Compute Engine's local SSD to 3 T bytes per VM - ZDNet Japan

SOLIDWORKS World 2016: Fostering future engineers "SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids" - MONOist (Monoist)

Business News Industry Trends: Semiconductor Purchase Amount in 2014, Samsung 1st, 2nd in Apple Unchanged - EE Times Japan

News Releases: Launch "smart data transfer service" that transfers certification photo data to smartphone for camera's Kitamura WEB entry

I connected the Buffalo router to the PC display. - Zopfcode

I read the document of AMP so I can roughly summarize it - razokulover publog

AMP starts supporting advertisement and Google Analytics | Overseas SEO information blog

Open Photo Review: 'NuAns NEO' | Anxious, Become a Memo ...

"A book that does not bother me even if it is said that it is a variation of design or an alternative plan." Release commemoration DTP study group 19th "Design to develop from type (kata) ...

Microsoft acquires keyboard application "Swiftkey" to predict input with AI for $ 250 million dollars | TechCrunch Japan

Horiemon, Hokkaido people reside in Taiki Resident Register Cooperation in space development | Hashimoto Web / electronic version (Society)

Shock that database can be used in Google Drive | IT diary of middle-aged office worker working for non-IT company

Goodbye Amazon! - Medium

I decided to leave Amazon Web Services Japan that I worked for five years at the end of January and make a new challenge.

Development of wide dynamic range technology with CMOS image sensor using organic thin film | Press Releases | Panasonic Newsroom Japan

Development of advanced functional global shutter technology for CMOS image sensor using organic thin film capable of faithfully capturing images up to about ten times brighter than before> Press Release | Panasonic Newsroom Japan

【Reading impressions】 What I wanted to tell, Kei Furukawa's Personal Computer Secret History - Amber Color

Summary of Domestic Web Push Notification Distribution 5 Services Summary (February 2016 Version) - Web Push Notification Marketing Institute

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The interview administrative office all together

It may be that the world is going to be dangerous by entering the Amazon shipping business (Takanori Sakaguchi) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Apple Campus 2 February 2016 Update - YouTube

GoPro Awards: Sinking a Mexican Navy Battleship - YouTube

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Outside Wasteland - YouTube

"The Witness" in the first week sales "over 100,000 real" - Xbox One / iOS and other transplants also considered | Game * Spark - domestic and overseas game information site

"Money in Kickstarter to liquor or strip" "No, transfer money to individual account", aerial decomposition of "Ant Simulator" development studio formed with friends from childhood | AUTOMATON

【Spoilerfulness】 The game where the hero who raised it carefully becomes a rasubosu is innovation, is not it? | 2channel thread Conclusion Blog - Alfalfa Mosaic

Problems along the story of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" are issued at college entrance examination → It is decent as a matter properly - Togetter Summary

Nintendo to enter USJ - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

A case where the language specification of the HTML 5 editor "PuzzleScript" capable of developing NES game puzzle game is too maniac! : Uenpaku

Let's draw a bicycle - Togetter Summary

Excuse batting line when losing in a fighting game www: Gaha Rolling News ヽ (· ω ·) / Zucol

Final Fantasy XV latest information / video is released for the world for the first time! "Taipei Game Show 2016" stage event report | PlayStation.Blog

Introduction of member service "My Nintendo" and application for smartphone "Miitomo" | Topics | Nintendo

【Sad news】 I asked a lawyer whether I can divorce with my husband of Love River → Answer "Yes" - Sarabe |

Looking back on the last round of Princess PreCure - Madog ☆ Voice Actor Mitsuaki Official Blog

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
PANDEMIC Official Trailer (2016) Rachel Nichols Horror Movie HD - YouTube

Suicide Squad Official Trailer - Animated - YouTube

"Kiyohara, suspected possession of stimulant by interrogation" News i - TBS video news site

【Arrest of Kiyohara suspect】 "I had it to use" Admission of stimulant use - Sankei news

Current affairs dot com: syringe, straw seizure = urinal appraisal of suspects of Kiyohara - stimulant drugs, presence / absence investigation / Metropolitan Police Department

Mr. Kuwata "I want you to be a lie, I want you to be a dream" To arrest Mr. Kiyohara: Sports report

Good father with childish affliction, allegation that it still did not disappear [Shock of Kihiro Kiyohara arrest ①] | BASEBALL KING

Kiyohara arrested NHK news that spreads to the local world and shocks

Kiyohara arrested: once belonged "Kishiwada Little" also disappointed - Mainichi Newspaper

Kiyohara suspects blog after divorce Loneliness Exposure NHK News

【Breaking News】 Kiyohara arrested ...: Nanjei Stadium @ N J Summary

Arrived Kiyohiro Kiyohara, join the medicine Rutsu Suwarose: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

【With animation】 Hamada "Are you guys doing things?": Leisure time (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

Kihara Kihiro is all white about suspicion of suspicion with tattoos, drugs and Nagabuchi! It is! - YouTube

Question about stimulant from around 4 minutes 54 seconds.

A day when I saw love, a man who answered love · I wanted to see with Kihiro Kiyohara, the dream I thought would be seen, forever woke up. : Sports See what one speaks ~ Fumo Hmo column

Koi Speed ​​@ Hiroshima Toyo Carpeting Summary Blog: Hiroshima, "Ella Roll Curse" Curiosity Fears Saving Saving Ceremony Ceased

Mr. Kuwata "I want you to be a lie, I want you to be a dream" To arrest suspect Kiyohara: Ogae @ Marines Summary Blog

Nakahata "Kiyohara is arrested? Oh, I thought it was after all": Nanjiji Stadium @ N J Summary

Do each team have equally regrettable Dora 1? : Nikkan Yakiniku Bulletin

The truth of the "appraiser" that Mr. Shinsuke spoke! Also mentioning Becky riot (Kozo Inoue) - Personal - Yahoo! News

Soccer: Neymar, tax evasion prosecution transfer money surreptitious fraud Brazil Prosecution - Mainichi Shimbun

The F1 Scrum with Daniel Ricciardo and Bath Rugby Club - YouTube

Genius Bakabong: Kuriai Ueda starring in the first live-action papa confident in 'forehead wrinkles' - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

TV Asahi: Formula E 2015/2016 Round 4 TV broadcasting schedule 【F1-Gate.com】

Beckham, a tea placement picture for one elderly who collapsed on the street International News: AFPBB News

Yasuhisa Arai "Honda can solve power unit related problems" 【F1-Gate.com】

Suzuki Keita talks about retirement and Urawa. "But, if there is loneliness ... ..." - J League - Number Web - Number

"I think the club is a supporter's thing, I think that Urawa Reds is a representative club even in the J-League, so it's a team that must fight with the feelings of supporters, and if that's the power of the players, the pressure Because it is the team called Urawa Reds that has swung such things, the players must play with such feelings.

In the beginning when I first entered Urawa, I was difficult to accept such supporters. If you lose after playing hard, the players feel strongly about their regret. However, I could not understand that the supporters fly. It was also honest that I felt like I was like "What is it, these guys." At the beginning I was digesting it by dividing it as "It's a professional", but my way of thinking has gradually changed.

When I win, when I watch the state of the supporters who explode joy when I win, I notice that they are "more than we are more pleased". Football for players is a dream, but it is also a job at the same time. But for the supporter it is purely a dream. It's not a job. I began to think that it is the man of Urawa, Urawa Reds player, to fight with those dreams.

I want the current players to fight with such preparedness. It is not easy to understand and embody it in the heart. "

MVP of Kurakurimori Japan chosen by viewers is DF Muroya Nakaizu (Meiji University) ... to the leading player of the winning with outstanding stability feeling ...: footballnet [soccer summary]

67: Mr. Nanashi @ I'm sorry to have you. @ (^ O ^) / 2016/02/02 (Tue) 16: 14: 52.54 ID: x7uVDh0q0.net
Muroya and Ueda did a wonderful job
It was Muroya's father that the change did not work
Nara is at the center.

Possession thrown away at the top! Kagakori U - 23 chosen "real line": footballnet [soccer summary]

67: Mr. Nanashi @ I am afraid it is @ \ (^ o ^) / 2016/02/02 (Tue) 13: 56: 09.06 ID: K5EHUf2O0.net
It was good that the shoot had no hesitation
If it is a short counter it may not have to think anything unnecessary

◆ EPL ◆ 24 Leicester × Liverpool result Vady 2 shots! Okazaki Assist at Leicester Winning! Maintain first place!

402: Okonomi san, I want to protect you here 2016/02/03 (Wednesday) 06: 01: 31.69 ID: prRHiDDa.net
Birdie and Rabbit Kita ━━━━ (° ∀ ゜) ━━━━ !!!!

Ronaldinho, rare in the real warfare about half a year ... signed by the referee | Football King

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Fujiban Co., Ltd. | Triple Hybrid Confectionery Pan "Cornune Milk / Chocolate" released

For 40 years, "New Standard" of canned coffee has appeared from "Daido Blend" pursuing the original taste of material! "Dyodo Blend Komabu blend" ~ Whole coffee beans as well as flesh used ~

Notice of renewal release of 'Maru-chan noodle cup aroma salt' new releases, 'Renaissance pork bone' renewal | News release | Corporate information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

(PDF)Exciting spicyness and exquisite acidity are reproduced in Yakisoba sauce! New cup of spicy delicious sauce becomes a habit "Ethnic FUN Tom Yum Fenghaki Soba" New Release | Ace Cock Co., Ltd.

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