Tweet Jack Dorsey makes remarks when bit coins become the world single currency within 10 years

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Twitter and mobile payment serviceSquareIt is CEO ofJacques DorseyIn response to The Times' interview, Mr. Mike revealed that "within 10 years Bitcoin will be the only currency in the world".

Bitcoin will become the world's single currency, tech chief says | Business | The Times

Twitter CEO: Bitcoin will be the world's 'single currency' in 10 years - The Verge

Mr. Dorsey to The Times "One currency will be used in the Internet and one currency will eventually remain in the world, I personally think that it is a bit coin," He made a remark and showed the idea that this transition will take place "over 10 years, or earlier".

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Twitter policy to ban ads in virtual currencyBut, the other company Square that Dr. Dorsey is CEOCash AppIt is not surprising that Dorsey has found a great possibility for bit coin, as the option of buying and selling bit coins is added as an option in the remittance application. In 2017 Editor of The Verge ·Lauren GoodeI showed the view that Mr. Mr. world is "the next thing to greatly unlock the world".

Twitter policies to ban ads in virtual currencies obviously follow Facebook and Google - GIGAZINE

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