Square's money transfer application "Square Cash" enables bit coin sales transactions from smartphones

Square, which provides mobile payment service using smartphone, uses a smartphone application to transfer remittance between users "Cash App"It was announced that it corresponded to the bit coin transaction. This makes it possible for anyone to feel free to buy and sell bit coins from the screen of the smartphone.

Square Cash now allow anyone to buy and sell bitcoin

Cash App allows you to exchange money among users without using cash on the application. Unfortunately at the time of writing the article is not yet introduced in Japan, but the application has been released in 2013, at least initially the number of users has increased because there is no fee and money can be exchanged.

On Saturday January 31, 2018 Square announced on the official Twitter account that it was possible to buy and sell bit coins cash at Cash App.

Square is a service created by Mr. Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, and Mr. Dorse also announced similar content on his Twitter account. Among them, Mr. Dorsey said, "We support bit coins because we consider bit coins to be a long way toward financial access for all, this is one small step." I said.

Bit coin trading by Cash App is available in New York State, Georgia State, Hawaii State and the United States except Wyoming State, but also for these states Square has promised correspondence. The fee for trading is zero at the time of purchase of bit coin, while at the time of sale the fee will be collected according to the rate at that time. In addition, the limit of the transaction is set to "bit coin equivalent to 10,000 dollars (about 1.1 million yen) per week".

As for the virtual currency, in Japan it was also revealed that the virtual currency "NEM" equivalent to 56 billion yen was stolen from the exchange "coin check" on January 26, 2018, the disturbance expanded TheEven rumors that the coin check smells an internal accusation that "bankruptcy application schedule" is scatteredThe situation that develops to the situation that is getting better or worse as the topic of the public and attention. On January 31, LINE launched the new company "LINE finance"Enter the virtual currency trading businessAnd the movement to reorganize "the way of finance" is becoming active in the virtual currency. On the other hand,Facebook announces a new policy prohibiting advertisement of virtual currencyThere is also movement to move, the virtual currency that is still in the early period and the environment surrounding it will continue to change.

In addition to the start of bit coin transactions, Square has launched a site that explains "What is bit coin?"

Cash App - Bitcoin

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