Microsoft began accepting payment in the virtual currency "Bitcoin"

ByGareth Rushgrove

As a settlement method of Microsoft for purchasing applications such as Windows Store, Xbox Games, Xbox Music etc, virtual currency "Bitcoin(Bit coin) "to pay for the announcement.

Now you can exchange bitcoins to buy apps, games and more for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox - The Fire Hose

How do I use Bitcoin with my Microsoft account?

With Microsoft introducing bit coin payment, users can now use bit coins for paying content such as Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox apps and games through Microsoft accounts. For settlement of bit coinsBitPayWe are using the system.

Because the price of bit coins is always changing, companies holding paid bit coins are subject to risks of price fluctuations. BitPay is a company that undertakes settlement of bit coins. If a company brings bit coins to BitPay, BitPay converts it into cash and pays the company.

Eric Lockard, headquarters vice president of Microsoft's Universal Store, said, "With the adoption of bit coin payment, we can offer a wide range of choices to users and expand the possibilities for users to do with devices and clouds. Although the currency is not mainstream, we are showing rapid growth among the early adapters.We are anticipating that bit coins will continue to grow in the future, and adoption of bit coin settlement will lead Microsoft to the cutting edge of the trend I think that it will push up, "he told about the introduction of bit coin settlement.

MozillaBon coin donationYou are accepting,Google in the United Kingdom installed an ATM dedicated to bit coins inside the companyFor example, major IT companies other than Microsoft are showing a positive attitude toward bit coins, and we are showing signs that the movement of accepting bit coins will continue to expand in the future.

In addition, as of article writing, Microsoft's bit coin settlement service is provided only to users in the US, and it is unknown at the moment whether similar services will start in Japan as well.

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