As a result of the "Google tax" law enforcement decision, Google News terminates service

ByAlain Bachellier

In Europe promoting the formation of the Google siege network "Google TaxIn Spain, a bill to introduce Google tax is passed, and it is decided that the new law will be enforced from January 2015. As a result, Google decided to end Google News in Spain.

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"Google tax" means that IT major companies represented by Google, Apple and Amazon cross-border businesses worldwide and adopt a mid-demographic way that does not pay taxes to service areas This is a typical example of a law that obliges multinational companies to pass through businesses that pay taxes to the domestic service provider when they post online advertisements. As a result of a search giant Google holding a market share higher than the American market in Europe, it is a disgraceful name for Google called "Google tax".

In Spain in October 2014, when quoting a Spanish publication in Spain or pasting a link of news, it will be in the Association of Editors of Spanish Dailies formed mainly by Spanish newspaper companies A bill that obliges to pay royalties is passed and the new law will be enforced on January 1, 2015. Please note that this law says that Spanish publishers are obliged to pay royalties despite the desire of the Spanish publisher desires, and if you wish to increase the number of accesses via Google, Even if it wishes, Google can not afford to pay royalty. In addition, if you refuse to pay the royalties, you will be charged a fine of 600 thousand euros (about 88 million yen).

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Before enforcement of this new law, GoogleOfficial blogAnnounced that it will close Google 's service offering in Spain on December 16, 2014. According to Google, Google News posts news articles and their links without any advertisement display, and does not generate revenue on a single service basis, so if you pay the royalty obligated by the new law, it will operate as a business It is difficult to do. Therefore, it was decided to close the crying Spanish version of Google News before half a month before the start of enforcement of the new law.

However, there is also a skeptical view on whether the Spanish Google Tax Law works well. German newspapers and organizations that publishers join in August 2014VG MediaFiled a civil action seeking Google to pay 11% of the total sales directly or indirectly obtained from quotations or excerpts from German media to Google, on 2 October 2014, as a countermeasure, VG For the web page of Media affiliated media, we stopped displaying the body of search results and information (snippet) such as summary sentences and images. As a result, access to VG Media accession media has drastically decreased. VG Media falling into severe traffic shortage calls on Google to redisplay the snippet instead of asking for compensation on October 23, 2014situationIt is being driven into. From this, it is said that a cold sight "Spain becomes a German dance"?

ByTrey Ratcliff

Regarding the introduction of the Google tax, not only in Spain but also in the UK, we charge a 25% tax on multinational companies conducting transactions in the UKbillHas been submitted, there is a possibility that Google tax will be introduced widely in Europe. Also, business activities such as Amazon which do not pay taxes in Japan are problematic in Japan, so it may be forced to revise the overhauling tax reduction method of global companies sooner or later. The news that the end of Google News in Spain is not just a problem of Google, and it seems that attention will be focused on the way of the new law of Spain as a case study over the pros and cons of Google tax.

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