Google lifts ban on app payments other than Google Play, in Europe

Google announced on July 19, 2022 that it will allow non-game app developers to use payment systems other than Google Play for in-app purchases and purchases. The target area is the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes 27 EU member states and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

An update on Google Play billing in the EEA

Google introduces new in-app purchase policy for EEA users | TechCrunch

Google imposes up to 30% commission on the income of apps delivered on Google Play, which violates antitrust law due to complaints from app developers that it is too high and abuse of superior position. There was a voice saying that it might be. To address these issues, the European Parliament passed the Digital Markets Act in July 2022, a comprehensive regulatory law that includes the provision of third-party payment systems.

The 'Digital Market Law' and 'Digital Services Law' created by the EU to regulate Big Tech such as Apple, Google, and Meta are grouped together as a 'digital service package' and officially approved-GIGAZINE

Following the official approval of the Digital Markets Act, Google said, 'As part of our compliance efforts, we will enable developers to offer users within the EEA an alternative to the Google Play billing system. We have announced a new billing program, 'he said, announcing that the Google Play app provided by the EEA will be able to use third-party payment systems.

Google has set a 15% commission for annual sales of $ 1 million or less, but it will be reduced to 12% if you use a third-party payment system. According to Google, app developers with a 15% commission account for 99% of the total. Other app developers will be charged a 30% fee. Also, although game apps are not covered, Google plans to extend third-party payments to games by the time the Digital Markets Act comes into force.

Prior to the lifting of the ban on external payments in Europe, third-party payment systems have been available in South Korea since November 2021, and the introduction of a system to regulate the monopoly of payment systems by Google and Apple is being considered in the United States. I am. Google will also use its own payment method for Spotify, which has sparked a move to eliminate the monopoly of payment systems, and Match Group, which has been suing the company for being forced to use payment systems by Google. I admit it.

First from Spotify, which shows Google's policy to allow Android apps to choose their own payment method-GIGAZINE

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