Forecast that Bitcoin may cause 50 split "forks" in 2018

The virtual currency "Bitcoin" (Bitcoin) had its trading price jumped to 14 times even in 2017 alone, but the movement is related to "fork" where a bit coin clone is made and divided . The fork of bit coin which happened 19 times in 2017 is predicted to increase to 50 times level in 2018.

Bitcoin May Split 50 Times in 2018 as Forking Craze Mounts - Bloomberg

Forecast of the fork's surge is predicted by Rex Sokorin, Global Director, FinTech Strategy, Autonomous Research. As a background to that, if any programming knowledge is available anyone can create a clone of bit coinForkgenWe are citing the existence of. A similar viewpoint is shown from another expert, and the virtual currency investment farmBlockTower CapitalHedge fund operation Ali Paul has posted a tweet that expects about 10% of the current value gathered in bit coins and bit coin cash will move to the new virtual currency.

There are also reasons why a fork happens to improve purely a bit coin, but in reality most of the forks are aimed at the benefits of division, that is, "aiming for money." The new coin developer is able to acquire a newly issued coin in a process called "post mining" after division. We offer a mobile wallet service that collects newly forked coins for bit coin ownerCoinomiGeorge Kimionis CEO said: "Unfortunately, most of the projects related to forks currently undertaken are aimed at making money. Looking back on the current situation in a few years, there's a block chain You will notice that you are not a person with honest feelings of contributing to the ecosystem, but you will find that investors who are blinded to make money are just clustered. "

The advantage of a bit coin / fork is that it is a branch from the world's best known virtual currency / bit coin. In the case of a typical fork, every owner possessing a bit coin has the right to receive the coin after the fork and add new value to the asset it has. Also, by attaching a name such as "Bitcoin Diamond" to a new coin, the advantage that it is easy to gather interest from the initial stage is one of the significant points that the fork has. IT related business opportunity analysis companyWinterGreen ResearchSusan Eustis said, "In the countries such as China where the new virtual currency release (ICO) is prohibited, the fork can be a way for the startup to fund money."

But with this kind of background, it can be said that the virtual currency centered on bit coins is in a very unstable state. As is clear from the fact that the transaction rate which was 1 BTC = 2,200,000 yen at the main exchange of Japan in December 2017 plummeted, and at the time of writing the article at January 2018 it is about 1.2 million yen, so much volatility ( From the height of the price fluctuation) bit coin has passed through the bubble and entered a reckless race state, also called "bit coin rhythm".

Even if the bit coin drops by 50%, China can enjoy the bubble, while the measures of the Chinese government will end the bubble - GIGAZINE

Under these circumstances, it has come to be seen cases where payment with virtual coin is stopped between services that accepted payment in virtual currency. Provide online payment and mobile application payment systemStripeHas accepted settlement by bit coin since 2014, but Tom Carlo of the company has announced that it will end on April 23, 2018. For that reason Carlo cites the point that bit coins that will have a long wait time until settlement is completed due to the harm of the block chain system now have changed to assets rather than currencies.

Ending Bitcoin Support

Stripe is giving up on bitcoin as a payment method - Recode

Although it is a bit coin which can not be helped if it is considered to be in a runaway state, it can be said that the virtual currency is still in "the stage of magnificent social experiment" because it is a new concept which is not long after birth. By continuing to add various new technologies, it seems that there will be no doubt that virtual currencies will continue to evolve in the future.

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