Virtual currency Bitcoin (bit coin) price surpassed $ 8000 per BTC

The price of virtual currency Bitcoin (bit coin) has exceeded $ 8000 per BTC (about 900,000 yen). The bit coin continues to rise as the cycle of divisions repeatedly repeats the cycle "plummet & surging above it".

Bitcoin Soars Past $ 8,000 as Technology Shift Concern Vanishes - Bloomberg

The dollar-denominated price of bit coin broke through the mark for the first time in the history of $ 8000 (about 900,000 yen) on November 20, 2017.

Although it was a bit coin that plummeted due to a split ripple accompanied by a hard fork that was scheduled in mid-November 2017, due to the official hard fork postponement, the market price recovered sharply, the traditional highest value record was renewed, That's why we broke through the odds of $ 8,000 without difficulty.

Virtual currency Bitcoin 's hard fork Segwit 2 postponed, concerns that divisions and turbulence hindered growth - GIGAZINE

As the bit coin spreads, lowering the practicality of delays in settlement speed and sharp rise in transaction fees has become a problem. In order to solve this problem, necessity of version update by soft fork / hard fork has been studied . According to the version upgrade, in order to avoid the worst result of "loss of bit coins on hand" accompanying a decline in price due to bit coin division and system shutdown, the bit coin price plummets every time a split riot occurs It is a regular pattern. The pattern that the price bought back again every time the division crisis is avoided rises above the pre-plunge pattern is recorded three times even within 2017, and already the "rule of division is a sign of rising market price" rule of thumb It is a situation that is being produced.

Regarding bit coins that record a rise of over 700% since the beginning of the year, the theory of bit coin bubbles pointing out excessive soaring is always warned, but vigorous demand continues to rise as if laughing warnings. The future of the price of bit coin, which financial market such as Wall Street is becoming a huge market that can not be ignored seems to have entered an area that nobody can predict.

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