Apple will change Bitcoin's handling policy, the Wallet app will immediately resurrect on the App Store

ByJonathan Waller

Up to now AppleBitcoin(Bit coin) and other virtual currency remittance apps were removed from the App Store, but it became clear that conditional removal of the action to lock out the application was canceled. Immediately after guidance on the virtual currency of the App Store is changed, the bit coin wallet application "Coin Pocket"Is reviving on the App Store.

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Coin Pocket - Bitcoin Wallet on the App Store on iTunes

It is a government agency that develops basic guidelines for government investigation of financial institutions around the handling of virtual currencyFederal Financial Institutions Inspection Council (FinCEN)In March 2013 it is obligatory to register in the money service business (MSB) by a trader who conducts remittance business of virtual currency including bit coinAnnounced guidelinesDid. According to this guideline, the provider of the Wallet app with the bit coin remittance function needs to register to the MSB within 6 months from March 18, 2013, and if it operates without permission, It was suggested the possibility of punishing.

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Many companies that provide Bitcoin Wallet App with the guidelines of FinCEN registered under MSB and entered under the supervision of FinCEN, some of which refuse to register with the MSB without following the guidance , FinCEN for these contractorsSend warnings to follow the rulesThere was a disturbance such as.

Amid such a trend, Apple came out from the App Store that provides iOS applications, to eliminate all of the bit coin wallet app all at once, but on June 15, 2014, in the guidance of the App Store As a new 11.17, the provision to allow virtual currency related applications under the condition "complying with state law / federal law" was added, and immediately after that the bit coin wallet application Coin Pocket revived to the App Store.

World's largest hotel reservation siteExpediaIs a bit coinStart accepting hotel reservationsAnd provide financial information such as the world currency and major stock priceBitcoin appears in Google FinanceHowever, the range of use of bit coins is expanding and the spread of bit coins is accelerating more and more.

Regarding the handling of bit coins in the United StatesPolicy to be taxable as an assetAnd there is a movement to make obligatory business registration by FinCEN mentioned above,There is no regulation on bit coin transaction between individualsIn the future, virtual currencies such as bit coins are expected to spread more and more in the future. Apple is clearly unaware of the reasons to decide to conditionally allow applications related to the virtual currency, but "Apple as long as it complies with regulations such as state law and federal law", Apple will continue to spread It seems to be said that you have taken a big deal about judging the handling of virtual currencies that you expect to make.

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