What are the 10 reasons that Bitcoin's price is rising so steeply?


Bitcoin TickerAccording to the current Bitcoin trading price is an average of 786 dollars (about 79,000 yen) per 1 BTC (one Bitcoin), the economic scale of Bitcoin as a whole is expected to be over 5 billion dollars. Where is the reason why Bitcoin appeared on the net and caused the price to rise so fast?

10 Reasons Why The Value Of Bitcoin Is Skyrocketing

At the stage of writing articles prices continue to soar, up to 1 BTC 786 dollars.

◆ 01: Closure of illegal drug trading site Silk Road

BySteve Snodgrass

In early October 2013, FBIClosed site "Silk Road" which can trade illegal drugs at BitcoinDid. Although closing the Silk Road somewhat reduced the transaction price of Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin never dropped, and the price that went down quickly recovered. What you can see from this incident is that among those who do business on the Bitcoin network, only a few people are using Bitcoin for illegal transactions. Also, as the Silk Road closed down, investors seemed to think that the risk of investing in Bitcoin was reduced.

◆ 02: US Government's debt default


Over 2 weeks from October 1, 2013US government agencies closedDid. The problem surrounding debt limit, one of the reasons for closing this government agency, is still healthy in the United States, causing frustration at home and abroad. This problem seems to have resulted in demand for Bitcoin, which has led to the request for a new currency system free from politics and central control agencies.

◆ 03: Chinese Bitcoin Market

Current,Demand for Bitcoin has moved to China and the market is held by ChinaAnd it is said that. It is a Bitcoin exchange in China in OctoberBTC ChinaHas become the world 's top Bitcoin trading volume. Furthermore, Jaisule, the largest Internet company in China, makes Bitcoin available for payment of its services. In this way China's interest in Bitcoin is increasing and this has played a major role in Bitcoin's price surge.

◆ 04: Interest in good investors
Investors with abundant capital seem to be buying Bitcoin in large quantities. Facebook former officer Chamath Palihapitiya has invested 5 million dollars (about 500 million yen) in Bitcoin, and nowWe plan to invest an additional 10 million dollars (about 1 billion yen)And that. There are many investors who invest heavily in Bitcoin like Ms. Chamath, and those investors continue to invest from pure interests to Bitcoin. Also, it is a Bitcoin specialized investment trustBitcoin Investment TrustIt seems that he invested 15 million dollars (about 1.5 billion yen) in Bitcoin.

◆ 05: Bizcoin-related emerging venture companies mingling

ByJonathan Waller

In October 2013, several large venture capital investors invested in Bitcoin related startup companies. Companies such as Circle, Ripple Labs, itBit, Gocoin, etc. have received about 20 million dollars investment. More than $ 40 million (about 4 billion yen) of funds are invested in Bitcoin-related startup companies in less than 18 months, and these investments are considered to have just begun. The investment in these Bitcoin related startup companies increased,BrightcoveIt was born after Jeremy Allaire, the founder of the company, was born after creating a new company related to Bitcoin.

◆ 06: The existence of various platforms
BitcoratiThere are currently 50 different Bitcoin exchanges, among them BTC China ·Bitstamp·MtGox·BTC-eFour of them record a particularly high exchange volume. further,CoinX·ItBit·Kraken·Coinsetter·CoinfloorIs a promising new exchange place in the future,BtcQuickYaLocalbitcoinsA site like this is a good choice as a way to exchange Bitcoin for cash.

◆ 07: Difficulty in mining

Bitcoin mining is gradually becoming difficult as mining volume increases, but it is impossible to continue mining while making profit any more, and many miners give up to mining and run to buy Bitcoin It is supposed to be supposed to be.

◆ 08: Government support

Governments in several countries, including Canada, China, Germany and the Netherlands, seem to support Bitcoin directly or indirectly. Canada is particularly one of the countries that welcomes Bitcoin, and in Vancouver's coffee shop"Robocoin" which is an ATM for Bitcoin has been set up and it turned out that it exchanged 100,000 Canadian dollars (about 9,460,000 yen) in one weekdoing.

◆ 09: spread of transactions using Bitcoin

ByBTC Keychain

Another important trend is that it is becoming possible to pay using Bitcoin on various platforms. Various services on a global scale have begun to respond to Bitcoin,Subway franchise owners in Russia and the United States added Bitcoin as a payment method when purchasing items at storesAnd Reddit 's Bitcoin community began to see more transactions using Bitcoin.

◆ 10: Taken by media

ByZach Copley

Bitcoin is arguing in various places, such as major news, television programs, financial and technology areas. The exposure to Bitcoin by being picked up by multiple media seems to have raised people's interest in Bitcoin. Sometimes the media sends misinformation about Bitcoin,FUDAlthough it seems that there are times when it goes to be done, it seems that the media finally picks up Bitcoin is very useful for Bitcoin 's publicity.

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