I tried eating "Umamori Juice" which is full of umami with "Shakki and Japanese style Onisara Beef Bowl" with Shakijaki Onion on Beef Bowl

From Sukiya on March 7, 2018 (Wednesday), we had an onion slice of onion sliced ​​into a sweet sauce of tofu sauce "Shaki-to Japanese style Onizara beef bowl"The side menu which March plenty of the clamor of March put"Citrus juice"Has appeared. Both menus were "Sukiya de Health" as a theme, I ate a lot of beef bowl with plenty of onions, vitamins and irons with plenty of chicken juice.

【Sukiya】 "Shakitto and Japanese style Onisara beef bowl" "Asatiri juice" 3/7 (Wednesday) Limited sale from 9:00 in the morning! Sukiya

Arrived Sukiya at dinner.

In front of the shop is a new menu "Shakits and Japanese style Onisara Beef Bowl" climbing ... ...

There was a climb of beef bowl chicken ashari juice set with clamshell juice and beef bowl of the new side menu set.

I enter the shop, I ordered "Shakki to Japanese style Onizara beef bowl chicken ashari juice sushi set" set with onionised beef bowl and clamshell juice, and a rich dish. Regular price was ordered at 750 yen including tax, limited for 710 yen including tax. In addition, "Onisara Beef Bowl" is a single item, with 500 yen tax included, "Asatiri Juice" is a single item and 190 yen including tax.

"Shakite and Japanese style Onisara beef bowl" and "Asatari juice" and Oshiko arrived in about two minutes after ordering.

Size of Onyasara Beef Bowl and Served with Asparagusa juice is like this when compared with iPhone 7.

I will eat it from Onisara beef rice bowl.

Sliced ​​onions on sweet sauce beef, with ponzu sauce on top.

Onisisara beef bowl is accompanied by a bag containing bag containing bonito.

When you add a long bonito, a good fragrance of bonito drifts swiftly.

When I try to eat it, the texture and sweetness of a sliced ​​onion sliced ​​along the fiber adds to the sweet beef dumplings of soy sauce sauce. The whole beef bowl was a refreshing finish with a combination of ponzu and onion, and the umami of bonito was plus the depth in the taste.

Official pageAccording to the recommendation that plus to add eggs and ordered additional eggs.

When you feed eggs and eat it, it will mellow taste.

Next, I will drink the clamshell juice of the newly added side menu.

In addition to a plenty of clams, there are engraved leeks in the appliance.

When I drank it, the fragrance of the iso and the umami of the clams were added to the flavor of the miso and it was finished in a warm savory taste of relief.

"Shaki-to and Japanese-style Onizara Beef Bowl" and "Asatiri Juice" are a limited-term menu for which the end date is undecided. The price of "shaki-to and Japanese-style Onizara beef bowl" is 440 yen including tax, 500 yen for tax included, Jun Sheng for 630 yen for taxes, 630 yen for taxes, 630 yen for tax included, Takara Saku 780 yen including tax, and Mega Shen It is 930 yen including tax. "Asakari juice" is a single article and it is 190 yen including tax. The settlement of "beef bowl asatric juice egg egg set" set with clam syrup and uninitiated beef bowl can be ordered in 560 yen including tax 20 yen cheaper than regular price for a limited time. Please note that prices of each menu may be different depending on stores.

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