A movie that summarizes amazing techniques such as "Bowspin" "Hinox elevator" "Lightning loop" that can be used in "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" is awesome

Nintendo SwitchIt appeared at the same time as the launch, received a high reputation at domestic and international game awardsThe Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild". In this legendary Zelda Breath of the Wild, a gamer's movie that summarizes from advanced techniques that can be used during battle to petit techniques that are not known unexpectedlyRinHara5akiHas opened to the public.

Zelda Breath of the Wild - 27 Obscure Combat Secrets and Tricks - YouTube

First of all, it is a technique that can be used for "Kingdomseek" which appears in "Mordorazik" of the monster reacting to the sound coming out in the Geld region, and "poetry of the British people" in the second DLC.

When walking or running on the ground, Kingragikaek approaching approaching the sound. I will wait keeping this "Protection of Darukel".

Then, the link is not damaged by 'Darukel's protection', but Kingraige is showing from the ground ... ...

It is possible to attack as it is.

Even if you ride the top of the guardian, equip a big sword or a hammer and hold down the attack button (Y button) long, the rotation cut does not hit the guardian.

However, at the timing when the weapon first passes through the player side when pushing the sword equipped with the big sword, pressing "ZR button" and "B button" ... ...

It should have been swinging the big sword, but it is wearing an arrow. This is a technique called "Bowspin" that RinHara 5aki found, and since the hit judgment differs from the big sword, it will be able to beat the guardian while riding on the head of the guardian. Since you need to keep the Y button pressed down as it is a rotation cutter, please be careful as turning cutter stops when you keep ZR button and B button pressed.

RinHara 5aki also has released a movie that summarizes only the method of Bowspin. In fact, when I tried it I was able to master Bow Pin easily with a few challenges. Even with this Bow Pin, the durability of the weapon is reduced, but it becomes easier to hit multiple stages instead of narrowing the hit judgment. Also, if you do a Bosu Pin with arrows with attributes such as "Flame Arrow", "Ice Arrow", "Electric Arrow", it will be possible to freeze enemies and shave them in electricity, It will be quite advantageous if it can be used for.

Zelda Breath of the Wild - Bow Spin Tutorial - YouTube

Then a somewhat cumbersome guardian's laser beam. This will not be shot if you hide the focus with the object you grabbed with "Magnet catch".

Since Rizarufos has a big blind spot beneath the chin, first strike attack becomes possible without being noticed if it gets in well.

A group of Keith encountered rarely during adventure.

If you use "Vitarock" for this ... ...

It is easy to make one-on-one with Keith.

Hold a shield ......

By shield surfing action, you can attack if you get on the head of enemies successfully. I also tried this technique a couple of times actually, but I did not hit it well though the judgment was severe.

"Hinokkusu elevator" of Hinox technique concerning the huge monster encountered on the field.

Equipped with armor of the Shinobi series so as not to notice Hinox, and get on that hand ... ...

Hinokkusu can sleep on the stomach at the timing when the stomach is sleeping in the bed phase. This is "Hinox Elevator".

It is possible to steal only the weapons hanging at the neck as it is.

"Hizyuki Rizarufos" appearing in cold areas attacks by poking the ice crush, but this can be hit back with a sword.

You face the tutu with the stone.

When Tutu attacks, the link drops a stone ......

Tutu died when it was crushed by the falling stone.

Rizarufos appears again. When I drop the ingredients on this side ...

I eat mushrooms. At this time, if you drop "chicken meat" it turns into "frozen meat".

In the situation of desperate situation surrounded by enemies ......

Equipped with "Raiden big sword" and started rolling slash with long press of Y button.

If you hit an attack against a metal treasure box instead of hitting the enemy, an electric attack will occur to a certain extent.

In addition, turning from rotating cuts to bow throws with electric arrows, you can extend electric attacks many times until there is no hard-gauge gauge. RinHara 5aki named this "lightning loop".

First with tutujelly, then with yellow tutuj ... ...

Place it on the ground. Then, tutujelly on the left and yellow tutujelly on the right fall.

If you attack this with a one-handed sword, the following effects will be produced by slashing from right to left. This is only a bursting of two tutujellies, there is no particular impact on the surroundings.

But, firstly, I have yellow tutujel ... ...

I will have a tutu jelly afterwards.

Put this on the ground, this time yellow chutjellies on the left and tutujellies on the right.

If you slash this in the same way with a single handed sword from right to left, you attack the tutujelly first or you can attack the surrounding enemies by the electric attack as follows.

Continuous thrusting is possible when equipped with a spear and attacked because of long press of the Y button. When doing this with attributes "fire spear" "spear of ice and snow" "spear of thunderboles", you can make continuous attacks while burning enemies, freezing them, or electric shrimp, Attribute attacks can not be used for a certain period of time if they are repeated a plurality of times.

However, in the case of continuous striking, the last blow is a long motion, so back up before that ... ...

Change weapons.

After landing, return the immediate weapon and carry out the continuous stab again, you can repeat the continuous strike in the attribute attack until "weapon breaks" or "do not hold the gauge".

A foothold that the flying octa holds.

Here, activate "Lever Tornado" and the ladder connecting the scaffold and foothold will fly.

Hold the camera, "You are already dead"

The ladder who flew down fell and hit Rizarufos.

I could defeat it without any effort.

It is a "demon mask" that will not be attacked by enemy monsters, but you can not be surprised if you go to the front of your eyes.

However, using "Magnet catch" at this time suddenly the monster loses interest in this place.

Equip the master sword at the time of physical strength and press the R button (weapon throw) ......

The beam is made to fly as follows. Changing the shield equipment every time this beam is issued, it is possible to increase the rate of continuous beams.

Position the moving stick opposite the direction of the link's traveling direction and press the X button to move back.

Then you can attack from backflip by pressing Y button.

However, if you push down the moving stick opposite the direction of the link's progress and press the X and Y buttons, you will not be backstage but from the back step ......

Attack is possible. It is more speedy for the attacker to fight off the enemy 's attack.

Even if you avoid attacks at just timing, it will not switch to centralized mode.

"Master bike" that you can get on the second DLC. Hold and press the A and B buttons ...

When I get off the bike immediately after releasing the button, it is possible to run only the master bike though it is a little distance. You can pull down tutu and use master bike as decoy

Techniques useful in fighting enemies such as liners.

When the link is damaged due to a bomb explosion ......

There is no damage even if you attack the enemy's attack.

So, if you explode bombs with Papa before you eat an unavoidable attack etc, damage will be minimal.

Wolves encountered in the wilderness and others are quite troublesome partners because they attack persistently keeping the distance without leaving from the link.

If you want to drive out obstructing wolves, you can escape if you keep the head of the "Stal" type monster.

Burning clothes at burning temperatures In Death Mountain, equipped with "Bakudan arrow" ......

It explodes with haste.

Using this characteristic, surrounded by enemies ......

Taking 'Darukel's guard' and equipping Bagdan arrows ... ...

It can be turned into the ocean of fire by scouting and one side.

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