George Birkadze, a global ballet dancer with martial arts with a black belt, talks about "What is common between" ballet "and" martial art "?

It is a visiting teacher of Boston · balletGeorge BirkadzeIs a leading ballet dancer but a person with a black belt of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Extreme Vacuum hand · judo. At first glance Birkadze says how ballet and martial arts are totally different from each other.

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"When imagining a ballet, people think of" lightness "" jump "" turn "" seems not to be difficult ""

"On the other hand, when thinking about martial arts," beating a face "" getting blood "" getting off my nose ... "

"I imagine things like" shouting "" knockout ""

"But all dancers are fighters, all fighters are dancers," Birkadze said.

Birkadze lives in Boston, USA.

Birkadze is a visiting teacher of Boston · ballet ... ...

I am also a martial artist.

A dancer of the top class of the balletA principalBirkadze used to be dancing as a principal in many ballet teams.

He seems to have flew around the world.

Birkadze expertly learned ballet at the age of eleven. In local Georgia, it was said that dance started ballet because it was seen as being very important. People in Georgia said "Everyone is a dancer," Birkadze said.

"I was bullied because I was young as a dancer, everybody insulted me by saying" I am feminine. "

In order to protect yourself from bullying, Birkadze starts learning martial arts.

Birkadze first got a black beltBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After that, Mr. Birkadze went to judoExtreme vacuum handEven get a black belt.

Many people think professional dancers and professional martial artists are different things, but Birkadze says that there are many similarities between the two.

It is very important to keep balance in both ballet and martial arts ....

I want to show techniques "beautifully" in ballet and "cool" in martial arts. In any field the "appearance" of the technique becomes important. And in order to have better results we will be training daily in both areas.

Martial arts taught Birkadze "how to control myself".

And the ballet "I made myself a better martial artist," Birkadze said.

"I do not say myself as a dancer," nobody is weak ""

"And there is no one who says to me as a martial artist," You are only hitting people. "

"You can not judge people from the appearance, because you do not understand from the looks," Birkadze said.

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