A movie to challenge the transcendent chaos play of hacking the "Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" to rain the rupees and all types of curse gunnons appear

"The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild"Breakthrough sales of Nintendo Switch unitIt has become a huge hit work to do so, hacking the same content "Zelda of Wii U version", battle the 4 bodies of curs gagonon of the middle boss and the monster Ganon of the boss boss in the field and fight, infinite There is a movie released to check the upper limit of the amount of rain allowed to rise in the rupee.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Spawn anything, anywhere! (Accio Code by Chadderz and MrBean 35000vr) - YouTube

* Because it includes spoiler in game, it is attention of browsing.

Link that nestles in the grassland

Then the old man appearing in the early game played a spawn.

When I talked to him, he said, "I was hit by a bonfire and was resting," but I can not find a bonfire in the vicinity.

When leaving the old man another elderly man appeared next to it.

It quickly came up and became a group of old people. MrBean 35000vr who is the creator of this movie is making a code that works with the Wii U version "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" and has modified it so that NPCs and items in the game can appear as you like .

Here the Guardian spawns. It is the appearance of Akushi who runs away while shouting that each person "does not want to die"!

The next move to the dust.

Then they ran apart and a sword and a shield came down in front of my eyes.

When I picked it up, I got the rare item "light bow and arrow" that I can get only from Rasubos fight or amiibo.

In addition, the strongest shield in game "Shield of Hyalia"

And the thing which is rolling casually is the master sword which is the venerable sword that should be chosen only by those who are elected. Moreover, the link already equipped master sword in hand.

However, picking up the second master sword does not seem to be added to the inventory.

"Turugibanana" which is a favorite of the group of Eaga is falling like rain.

After that huge rock like a control hit the link.

You can make everything appear with a hacking code and you can keep falling metal boxes periodically so as to surround the link.

While the metal box keeps falling, we also spawn a pretty strong MOB 'Beastman Linel' and we are fighting a battle with the liner in an impossible situation.

In another place, the guardian rains infinitely.

A myriad of guardians are targeting the beams to the link, and even the spinning linel attacks the link.

The rare item "Heart's vessel" which raises the upper limit value of life can say that it can float in the air if it appears. As link life has already become 30 of Max, it seems that we can not get it.

However, it is possible to acquire "Takebun's device" which raises the upper limit value of the hard-gauge gauge even if the gambage gauge is three laps of Max.

Although the display of the hard-gauge gauge does not change, even if it runs, it does not consume the hard work gauge. Although it is invisible, it is said that the hard work gauge is increasing up to 7 or 8 laps.

If you spawn a large number of birds, a messed up rug occurs.

When overload occurs, the "red moon" phenomenon occurs forcibly regardless of time or period.

When the event movie was over, the birds that appeared in the bug were all clean and deleted.

It is also possible to rain the rupees other than items and monsters.

When rupees are let down from exactly the same place, they seem to overlap like Tetris.

"Kim Rupee" where 300 rupees can be obtained falls on the link like a waterfall, and the amount of rupees on hand increases at a great speed.

After a while I knew that the upper limit of the rupee we could have was "999 999 Rs."

It is also possible to make the boss "Kasuganon" nesting in the beast appear in any plain.

Chaos state that all 4 types of curse gunnon that one knows seriously gather in one place.

I bring it to the test of the arm, but it is impossible indeed.

It is not only Karasganon of the middle boss that can be made to appear.

Suddenly Rasubosu "Magical Beast Ganon" appears in the plain. You can tell the movie to the very end what happens if you kill Rasubosu in such a place.

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