Subscriptions have increased rapidly due to Apple 's exchange of discounts on batteries, causing a significant delay in replacing the battery of iPhone 6 Plus

I discovered that I was intentionally dropping the performance of the old iPhone whose battery was degradedApple apologized & discounted for replacing battery replacement AppleHowever, battery inventory began to bottom out at some terminals such as the iPhone 6 Plus, and it is clear that there is a delay of several months.

Apple Delays iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacements Until March - April Due to Limited Supply - Mac Rumors

In the internal document distributed to the Apple Store or an authorized service provider, the information that "iPhone 6 Plus replacement battery is running short and can not be replaced from the end of March 2018 to the beginning of April" is stated Mac Rumors confirmed that. In the internal document, Mac Rumors revealed that the standby period of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus is "about two weeks", and other iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE are "no delay" I will.

This internal document is for the domestic market, but Mac Rumors said that it was answered that from late March to early April 2018 it will be possible to replace the battery of the iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple Store in New York and North Carolina I got information from the reader and it seems that it was confirmed that correspondence according to the leaked internal document was done.

Apple responds to the price reduction of the battery exchange program is done worldwide, but in Japan users with iPhone can target battery replacement with tax of 3,200 yen regardless of malfunction or malfunction. In addition, exchange at the discount price is basically one time only.

It seems that it is in a state that it can not cope because the battery stock has run out on some iPhones due to the rush of applications from many older iPhone users due to the discounted handling of battery replacement being started, Since it is continued until the moon, users who do not need to change the battery immediately need to wait until the battery inventory recovers. However, at the time of article creation, the time when the battery stock recovers and the replacement correspondence becomes smooth is not clear.

In addition, even an authorized service provider authorized by Apple other than the Apple Store can receive replacement correspondence at a price cut price. Genuine service providers can freely set the battery replacement cost, but the cost charged by the user is a price-cut price, and for the service provider, Apple's compensation price exceeding the price-cut price set by Apple is compensated I will. A user with an urgent need to replace the battery may also use a service provider.

Authorized service providers can search from the following pages.

Apple - Support - Product Selection

You can proceed in the order of "iPhone" → "Battery, power supply and charge" → "battery exchange" → "carry-in repair".

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