The phenomenon that the response speed of the iPhone becomes extremely slow may be cured by replacing the old battery

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A report on overseas bulletin board site · Reddit reports that "operation of the terminal has become lighter when the old iPhone's battery is replaced". If someone is using iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s generation terminals, if someone has the impression that the terminal's response has declined at once, consider considering similar battery replacement is.

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This posting is said to have been plagued by the slow operation of iPhone 6s ·TeckFireWhat I wrote on November 10, 2017. Since updating to iOS 11, TeckFire seems to have been plagued by the fact that the response of the terminal has become very slow, and the cause is completely unknown.

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The phenomenon of being late is not merely a sensory one, it was said that it was the same even if you actually measured using benchmark software.GeekbenchI measured the score of iPhone 6s and found that the single core score was 1466 and the multicore score was 2512 as shown below. By the way, this score says that there was no change even when switching on / off of "low power mode" equipped in iOS.

TeckFire exchanged the battery of the terminal here with a new one, and carried out the same benchmark again. Then it became clear that the single core score increased from 1466 to 2526 and the multicore score increased to nearly twice from 2512 to 4456.

According to TeckFire, when diagnosing an old battery, about 20% capacity reduction was confirmed. From these circumstances, TeckFire writes, "Apple has lowered the speed of the iPhone whose battery capacity is decreasing, and returns to full speed again when the battery is replaced."

I agreed with this thread, "I also measured Geekbench in iPhone 6 Plus and measured it, although originally the score should be" 1471 "and" 2476 ", but" 839 "and" 1377 "only. Was this why he felt that his iPhone was burning lately these days? "

In the latter half of 2016, the issue of shutting down the iPhone 6s generation's terminal without any premonition obviously surfaced, and it is still remembered that Apple was implementing a battery free replacement program in December the same year.

This program feels like battery exchange when actually replacing "iPhone 6s suddenly shut down problem" program that you can exchange iPhone 6s battery for free at a fee like this - GIGAZINE

One user cited this problem and "There are a lot of people remembering the battery problem of iPhone 6s, Apple tried to solve this problem with iOS 10.2.1, but what actually happened was that, I was posting content saying that the maximum clock frequency was changed in order to prevent the situation that the processor required high voltage by raising the clock frequency and the system would be dropped.

If you were limiting the speed of operation with software to cover problems on the hardware side, this can not be helped if it is said that it suffers disadvantage as the user can not fully utilize the performance of the hardware . However, on the other hand, the iPhone 6 generation that appeared in 2014 and the next generation iPhone 6s generation in 2015 have already passed since two years have already passed, and Apple has passed the "time to replace after two years" assumed by Apple In addition, it can be said that it corresponds to normal battery exhaustion.

A smartphone with high performance naturally increases the demand for the battery. If you are suffering from the slowness of the terminal, you may want to consider replacing the battery, for example by using Apple Care's warranty.

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Clearly from the benchmark statistics that Apple dropped the performance of the old iPhone, what is its aim? - GIGAZINE

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