A state of launching SpaceX's huge rocket "Falcon Heavy" to set it on the launching pad is now open, scheduled to be launched in January 2018

SpaceX's huge rocket, which is being developed with the view to exploiting Mars in human beings "Falcon Heavy"Was set at the launch pad of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, for the launch of the test launch during January 2018.

Eleon Mask, CEO of SpaceX, told the time lapse video that showed the Falcon Heavy rocket set on the launch padTwitterWhenInstagramPublished with an account. Although it is probably not yet injected with fuel, it is a word of masterpiece that a gigantic body of 70 meters in height rises slowly while being supported by the platform.

Falcon Heavy rocket which is carried in a state of being completely laid down and rises just beside the launch table. If you look closely, you can see that a truss like frame is mounted under the rocket body and is raised while being supported from below.

LC-39 A launch pad with Falcon Heavy rocket set,Kennedy Space Center 39 Launch FacilityIt is included in the "Apollo Project" and has sent a number of astronauts to the moon, which was also used in the subsequent Space Shuttle Plan. Today, SpaceX leases facilities from NASA along with adjacent LC-40 (40th Combined Launch Facility) and is used to launch Falcon Heavy rocket and Falcon 9 rocket.

By the way, another LC - 40 launch paddle was damaged in the September 2016 September Falcon 9 rocket explosion, but the restoration work was completed and again on December 15, 2017 Falcon 9 The launch of the rocket was carried out.

SpaceX 's rocket "Falcon 9" explodes and satellite which was planned to be launched will be destroyed, the influence will be inevitable even in the future launch - GIGAZINE

The Falcon Heavy rocket is a huge rocket which greatly improved the launch capability by installing two booster rockets on the left and right of the Falcon 9 rocket. Can be carried to outer spacepayload(Cargo loading amount) varies depending on the target level, it is 54,400 kg for low orbit around the earth, 22,200 kg for stationary transfer orbit used for geostationary satellites, etc, and even 13,600 kg for Mars orbit It is possible to carry up cargo and personnel and put them in orbit.

Incidentally, the largest rocket ever made by humanity "Saturn VIn the case of rockets, it is possible to launch 118,000 kg of freight on a low trajectory. Falcon Heavy rocket is about half that ability, but still it is possible to send mankind to Mars. Without the Saturn V rocket, the Falcon Heavy rocket is also called "the world's largest rocket".

The Falcon Heavy rocket is designed to generate 5 million pounds (about 227 tons) of thrust at the moment of launch, equivalent to 18 Boeing 747 aircraft. This is twice the performance of any rocket currently in operation, so it is called the most powerful rocket.

At the tip of the rocket, "fairing" which becomes a huge cargo space is installed. Inside the fairing where the letters of "FH" (Falcon Heavy) are drawn, there is space to accommodate the sightseeing bus as it is.

Mr. Mask has chosen the EV "Tesla Roadster" he owns as the first cargo of the Falcon Heavy rocket. The Tesla Roadster installed in the Falcon Heavy rocket will be launched while playing the song "2001 Travel of the Universe" movie, and it will be put on the orbit around Mars.

That image is published by SpaceX's SNS account.

In December 2017, Mr. Mask released the state of the Falcon Heavy rocket in the state of being assembled in the preparation facility. In that picture, there are 9 x 3 = 27 units mounted on the rocket body and nine boostersMerlin 1D engineIt is contained in a state that understands the state of it well.

In the future, we will first inject the fuel in the launch pad and carry out the combustion test of the engine in a stationary state without actual launch. After that, a test launch will be carried out in January 2018, but development of Falcon Heavy rocket was a continuation that development of Mr. Mask said "It was more difficult than what was supposed in advance" There is also a place where attention is gathered as to whether it succeeds successfully without fail. There is no doubt that it is not easy to burn a tremendous amount of fuel and it is not easy to rapidly develop a huge rocket that accelerates a huge rocket to a furious speed and sends it to outer space, but if the initial test succeeds , The reality of human exploration on Mars will be very high. Even in that sense, the test launch scheduled to be carried out in January is noteworthy.

By the way, the two boosters of Falcon Heavy rocket basically diverted the first stage rocket of Falcon 9 rocket. Therefore, the two boosters and each rocket of the 1st stage and 2nd stage of the main body are all designed so that they can return themselves to the prescribed place themselves. In the following movie, you can see the image image that shows such a state.

Falcon Heavy | Flight Animation - YouTube

In addition, a huge rocket "BFR" is also planned after the Falcon Heavy rocket. We can not keep an eye on the plan of BFR which is also seen as a favorite of Mars exploration.

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