Eleon Mask's Space X company unveils the image of the transport rocket "Falcon Heavy"

He is a well-known American entrepreneurEarlon maskCo-founder and CEO "Space X"A transportation rocket to promote development"Falcon Heavy"CG movie is released, and its very unique operation method is introduced.

Falcon Heavy | Flight Animation - YouTube

The figure of Falcon Heavy fits in the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. On the screenKennedy Space Center 39th Combined Launch Facility"LC - 39A" indicating the letter is displayed.

The moment of launch. Falcon Heavy, Space X rocket "Falcon 9As a base, it is configured to install an auxiliary rocket (booster rocket) on the left and right.

Falcon Heavy keeps rising. The top of the main body of the rocket is a storage area for cargo loading and Falcon Heavy has the ability to introduce cargo up to 53 tons into a low earth orbit of about 400 km altitude.

Separate the left and right boosters that have finished their functions from the main body. After this, the booster is collected and reused, but the characteristic is the way of returning to the ground. Unlike the Space Shuttle booster, which leaves itself to the earth's gravitational force and returns to the ground with free fall, the Falcon Heavy booster is designed to aim at the ground by controlling its posture on its own.

Contrary to the rocket body (dashed line) that continues to rise, the booster turned to turn back to the trajectory that has been flying so far. I will inject another rocket from here and aim for self landing point.

A booster that rotates the direction of the aircraft again by 180 degrees and enters the atmosphere. Although the altitude with the main body is unknown, if it is said that it reenters the atmosphere, it seems to be higher than the 45,000 meters which is the separation altitude of the conventional space shuttle. It is a part that is concerned about how protection of the rocket engine part is done.

After that, the booster keeps falling head over for the launched Kennedy Space Center.

A booster that injects the remaining fuel and brakes when the ground approaches. Parachutes and so on are not used.

Then approaching the surface as it is, succeeding soft landing while adjusting thrust. From the aircraft, four landing legs (Landing Leg) are spread out.

One main rocket continues to rise, separating the "second stage" carrying the cargo when it reaches the destination point.

Then, like the booster, reversing the attitude, we aim at the ground surface one way.

Likewise, a main rocket that soft lands at the landing site. Three rockets of Falcon Heavy are basically to be used with the same structure and everything is supposed to be returned to the surface and reused as in this movie.

Finally, putting the artificial satellite in space orbit is completed. Falcon Heavy is an aircraft capable of launching as many as 53 tons of cargo, but this is the ability to launch a compact jet (B 737 aircraft) full of passengers, cargo, and fuel into space as it is.

Its payload capability is more than twice as much as 24 tons of space shuttle, and it seems to have the greatest capability at the moment. By the way, the largest rocket ever developed by the US "Saturn VThe payload of 102 tons, the H2B rocket developed by Japan is 19 tons.

Regarding Space X 's rocket development, in the experiment carried out in January 2015, the scene where the rocket returning to the Earth' s surface collided with the 'barge' on the sea is a new place to memorize. As a result, it is a video that seems to be a failure, but it has been highly appreciated that such a complex apparatus was guided to the destination precisely and reached the point just before the landing.

The details of Falcon Heavy can also be confirmed further in the following official website. Space X plans to launch the next rocket launch experiment in February 2015.

Falcon Heavy

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