Successfully launched rocket "New Shepard" launched by Amazon's Bezos CEO

In the United States, the development of space rockets by private enterprises is increasingly active,Rocket experiment with Ellon Mask's "SpaceX"And others are well known. In the meantime, Amazon's Jeff Bezos who is also developing rocket as well was establishedBlue OriginExperimental rocket by the company "New Shepard"Was launched and the state of the great success was announced.

Blue Origin | First Developmental Test Flight of New Shepard

New Shepard that was launched in this test flight is the maximum thrust with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as fuelLbf(490KN) Is equipped with a rocket engine "BE-3", reaching a maximum altitude of 307,000 feet (about 93,574 meters), achieving the highest speed Mach 3, confirming that it worked perfectly with almost all items It is being done. A series of situations where New Shepard was actually launched and returned to the ground after being separated in the air is summarized in the following movie.

First Flight - YouTube

The test flight was held on April 29, 2015. It was carried out at the launch facility in Texas, USA.

New Shepard carried on a trailer. It is surprisingly a small rocket.

Ejecting port seen at the rear of the rocket. New Shepard has a BE-3 engine boasting maximum thrust of 110,000 lbf with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen as fuel.

The aircraft gently rises and is set on the launch pad.

Ready to go on steadily.

We also skipped the balloon for weather observation and checked the state of the sky.

And after the countdown, it is the moment of launch eventually. The engine entered a fire.

New Shepard detached from launch pad.

New Shepard raising altitude while blowing flames. A large amount of smoke (water vapor) does not appear like a large rocket because it does not spray water for protection from the launch table.

New Shepard to increase altitude. Eventually we reached the speed Mach 3 at an altitude of 307,000 feet (about 93,574 meters).

As planned, we succeeded in separating the propulsion module above the sky. The detached module was scheduled to return to the ground and be reused, but failed to recover due to a trouble in the hydraulic system. In the series of test flights this time, it is the only part that failed.

New Shepard 's CC (Crew Cupsule) that is detached from the propulsion module and falls alone.

A huge parachute for return opens, aiming at the ground with a descent rate of 24 feet per second (about 7.3 meters).

CC landing with raising the dirt. Although we failed to collect the propulsion module, we cleared all the items that were planned and the test flight was very successful.

Although this movie was tailored as a documentary style, a movie containing a series of streams of return from the 10 second countdown over almost the whole movie has been released, and it is interesting to those who are interested.

307,000 Feet - YouTube

In addition to the above movies, there are also pages for exposing several high-quality images.

Blue Origin | Images and Videos From Our First Flight

Blue Origin is planning to continue the experiments this time will continue. Especially, experiments specialized for VTVL (Vertical Take-off, Vertical Taking-Off, Vertical Landing / Landing) which is easy to enlarge are planned and equipped with a BE-4 engine boasting a thrust of 550,000 lbf (2400 kN), New Shepard It seems that the design of the brothers machine which is several times the scale of the brothers machine is advanced.

Mr. Bezos, who was a huge success at Amazon, is also known for his interest in space development. In 2013, NASA'sApollo planHe played an active part inSaturn V type rocketIt was mounted in the deep sea after launchF-1 rocket engineIt is also a new place to remember that I raised my property and raised it.

Amazon's CEO in the Apollo project used salvage from deep sea - GIGAZINE

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