Amazon's Bezos CEO's space company succeeded in letting the launched rocket "landing" vertically

Space development startup founded by Amazon's Jeff Bezos "Blue OriginI succeeded in landing the launched rocket in a vertical state.

Blue Origin | Blue Origin Makes Historic Rocket Landing

Blue Origin's spacecraft "New Shepard space vehicle" was launched and reached the quasi-satellite orbit, afterwards, all parts of the rocket part returned safely and safely with the spaceship can be confirmed in the following movie.

Historic Rocket Landing - YouTube

On November 23, 2015, in the western part of Texas, "New Shepard space vehicle" waiting for the launch. To launch the rocket "BE-3"Is used.

Bezos CEO also appeared in the control room. Finally I will shoot.

Ignite the main engine ... ...


The rocket was fired with the roar and the flame raised.

The ground far farther away.

I will gradually increase altitude.

Staff to watch on the ground.

From here CG image. The New Shepard space vehicle, which reached a semi-satellite orbit at an altitude of 329.839 ft, was separated from the rocket at its tip.

New Shepard space vehicle is a moving body for space travel as its name suggests. It is being developed as a spacecraft for space travel.

When the New Shepard space vehicle is completed, the space travel becomes familiar presence.

Surely, New Shepard space vehicle which reached quasi-satellite orbit released parachute.

Slowly lower the altitude ......

I landed.

Staff still looking at the sky. The highlights of this experiment are from here.

BE-3 that fell from the sky was cut off.

At an altitude of 5000 feet (about 1500 meters), start the reverse injection by igniting the engine again.

BE-3 came down slowly as it rocked swaying while raising roaring sound.

Rising dust

Landing while raising the flame.

It is like this from the camera at the landing point.

You can see well that the flame is rising from the ground with the injection from the engine.

From the camera of another angle, you can see how the BE - 3 lands while adjusting the inclination.

The landing speed is 4.4 mph (about 7 km / h)

Successful landing succeeded. The rocket looks intact.

To the success of BE - 3 's landing, the staff is celebrating.

Blue Origin succeeded in historical landing of BE - 3.

In order to lower the launch cost of the rocket, establishment of a reusable rocket technology to recover the launched rocket intact and safe is requested, SpaceX's Eulon mask CEO also challenges with rocket Falcon, but it fails dramatically , The difficulty of rocket collection technology was shown as the flames of the movie were released.

SpaceX's return rocket video that fails and explodes immediately before landing is released - GIGAZINE

Bezos, on the other hand, realized the successful landing of the rocket ahead of Mask CEO. In addition, Bezos said successfully about the landing of the rocket, "It is not that easy to control the landing of the rocket, but it succeeded, it may seem easy if you succeed it, please check the movie anyway "Tweeted.

For the success of Bezos CEO and Blue Origin's rocket landing, Mask CEO blessed on Twitter.

However, Mask CEO says, "It is important to clarify the difference between" Space "and" Orbit (satellite orbit) ". Success of Bezos CEO & Blue Origin is a rocket to experience the space to the last, Falcon aim of SpaceX aims implicitly implies that difficulty is different by returning goods to ISS etc. safely , Pride and competitiveness as rival of rocket development are obscured and obscured.

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