SpaceX of Eulon · Mask explains how it is going to bring mankind to Mars in the movie

Earlon maskSpaceX, led by CEO, aims to make mankind move to Mars, and reusable rocket "Falcon 9It is under development. Flacon 9 and larger "Flacon Heavy"SpaceX's innovative rocket launch method explaining about how to launch SpaceX's dramatically lowering transportation costs to Mars by rockets such as"How Will SpaceX Get Us To Mars?"Has been released.

How Will SpaceX Get Us To Mars? - YouTube

Scientists have questioned numerous doubts since ancient times, such as what the universe is like and what kind of place the Earth is in the universe.

The moon, which is the nearest star to the earth, is also one of the research subjects.

The lunar landing was realized by Apollo 11 in 1969, then 12 astronauts fell to the moon.

Space exploration techniques were sometimes exploited in war, but the progress of human technology has made the universe more familiar.

And the next target is Mars in an environment resembling the Earth.

Many projects are standing up for manned exploration on Mars.

In recent years, it was SpaceX led by CEO Eulon Mask who gave a name to its top candidate.

So how does SpaceX realize manned exploration for Mars?

A project to deliver humanity to Mars requires extraordinary expenses. In this way, among those who want to go to Mars, those who can make money to Mars should stay in a small portion of the rich.

SpaceX plans to increase the number of people who can go if planning to go to Mars by significantly lowering the transportation cost to Mars.

"Horman Method", the theory that goes with the lowest energy to Mars,Walter HormanWas invented in 1925.

When the earth is closest to the sun, the angle between the earth and Mars when the sun is at the apex is 44.4 degrees. In this positional relationship the distance between Earth and Mars itself is not shortest ... ...

If you leave the Earth at this time, thanks to the orbiting of the Earth and Mars around the sun, you can reach Mars with minimal energy. This position relationship appears once every 26 months, so you can start for Mars at that timing.

The money needed to deliver a 1 kg object to Mars is $ 18,000 for the Space Shuttle (about 1.9 million yen)

On the other hand, SpaceX's Flacon 9 is $ 2700 (about 290,000 yen) and it's OK at a much lower price. SpaceX makes cheaper launch costs.

Falcon 9 has nine SpaceX rocket engines called Merlin. The thrust / weight ratio is 155: 1, making it the most powerful rocket engine.

With a propulsive power of 7900 kN, take off the aircraft of 500 tons of rocket ... ...

After that, it accelerates to 5 times the speed of sound.

Then we will move on to separating the part connecting the 1st stage rocket and the 2nd stage rocket called "interstage".

When we separate the interstage from the first stage rocket in outer space of 75 kilometers ... ...

I will light the second stage rocket. This second stage rocket can repeat ignition and extinguishment. This allows you to maintain optimal trajectory.

Used in the Apollo programSaturn VSo the rocket was disposable, but Flacon 9's first stage rocket is not disposable, it is a big feature.

In the part covered with the cover called "Composite Fairing" of the 2nd stage rocket, there is a huge space for one large bus, and you can transport a lot of goods.

Isolated first stage rocket ...

Activate "cold gas thruster" at the tip (engine which does not burn gas, only injection) and go into control of posture.

Then, ignite the rocket again and adjust the falling speed.

It is also possible to fine-adjust the falling angle by injecting the attitude control gas.

While adjusting the attitude by taking out parts like the net "grid fin" ......

Occasionally, reverse spraying the rocket.

It will fall aiming at the sea barge 'drone ship'. The reason for setting the landing point on the sea is to minimize the damage even if the rocket loses control.

I successfully landed on a drone ship.

The feature of SpaceX's Falcon 9 is that the rocket launch cost can be dramatically reduced by thus reusing the rocket instead of disposing it.

It is like this when putting together a series of flows.

It is not a breakthrough in SpaceX that the rocket can be reused.

SpaceX designs and manufactures rocket engines ......

Manufacture of aircraft

It is a breakthrough in that it is the world's first vertically integrated rocket manufacturing company that can perform all processes related to rocket launch, such as making and launching launch programs with SpaceX alone.

This vertical integration style allows you to lower rocket launch costs.

For example, in the case of the space shuttle, Rockwell was the Orbiter, Lockheed Martin was the external fuel tank, and ATK was the rocket booster.

Manufacturers responsible for the manufacture of each part have subcontractors and subcontractors, and all of them need to secure profits, so the cost of the rocket as a whole is inevitable.

In contrast, only SpaceX engineers manufacture SpaceX rockets.

Problems that occurred at the development site can also be quickly resolved by collaboration among departments.

The teamwork of each department is very important to make rocket launch succeed.

Therefore, SpaceX 's office floor is designed to be "ventilated".

This corner at the edge of the floor is the desk of the mask CEO. A system that allows anyone to immediately speak to the mask CEO has been made, and the speed of SpaceX's rocket development is maintained.

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