A brief explanation on how to escape from the earth trapped in "gravitational"

Everyone now knows that there is "gravity" on the earth, but if you change the way all things on the planet are like being trapped in "prison of gravity". In order to escape from the gravity of the earth, a space rocket that explodes a large amount of fuel and injects flames is necessary, but why is gravity present on the earth, how can the rocket overcome gravity Whether it is possible, it is described with an animation in an easy-to-understand manner.

Why Earth Is A Prison and How To Escape It - YouTube

Everything that lives on the earth can be said to be a prison caught in a prison.

Someday it is necessary to escape from this prison in order to survive the species of humanity for a long time.

So what is the thing that holds us to the earth?

The story begins when the earth made "borrowing" into the universe 4.5 billion years ago. The Earth is like 'prison made with energy' and those with mass existing in the universe have the property of attracting things to each other. This is "gravity".

If you get close to what has a huge mass, it will be attracted by more powerful gravity.

This phenomenon binds everything on the earth to the earth. Imagine being trapped in "Gravity Prison".

Gravity Prison "Gravity wellYou can also explain with the idea that.

All objects in the universe do not move freely or speed up.

Some kind of energy is required for moving objects.

Billions of years ago, countless dust was captured in the orbit of the sun, gravity forces millions of dusts to form planets such as the Earth.

When a planet is formed, "gravity dip" made by debasing energy from outer space occurs. It is "gravity well" that easily expresses the strength of gravity generated in this way, which means that the deeper the gravity is, the stronger it is. Looking at the Earth's gravity well, there is the International Space Station (ISS) just off the Earth, and further awayGeostationary satelliteYou can see that it is located.

Therefore, you need to return the same amount of energy borrowed to escape from the earth.

Because even atoms in your body are part of the dust of the universe that you borrowed by borrowing energy, if you follow the former.

Easily revealed, the universe all things will not move without permission.

Energy is necessary to move the object.

Gravity used energy to collect dust and formed the earth.

As a result, the earth was borrowing energy, that being trapped in a prison called gravity.

To escape from prison, we need to repay energy. So, how can we repay energy?

In order to advance into space, a complex process of exchanging energy is necessary.

For this purpose, "energy repayment machine" is developed.

Generally called "rocket".

There are several kinds of rockets, but in either case they will explode and control the fuel causing a violent chemical reaction and start to space by controlling them.

This means that chemical energy is converted to kinetic energy, and by releasing the energy generated by the explosion to the outside, keep the rocket away from the earth. To release energy "Gravitational potential(Potential energy) "will increase. Simply put, we are repaying energy to gravity.

Actually, before entering into orbit, a lot of energy is lost by heat, discharge, resistance, etc., so further fuel is needed.

It is necessary to fully control the explosive power so that there is no point in having a person ride and explode on top of fuel that has enough energy to escape from the earth. That means the rocket becomes very heavy.

And the heavier the rocket, the more fuel you need.

As mentioned earlier, energy is necessary to move an object, but as we add the mass of fuel that generates energy to it, more energy is needed.

Since a large amount of energy is required to move a large rocket, a complicated problem that the fuel tank becomes large also occurs.

At the end of this iteration, the rocket that can safely escape the earth is completed, but the rocket will be 100 times the weight of the load you load. For example, the European Space Agency (ESA)'s latest rocket "Ariane 6The total weight of the cargo is 800 tons, but the maximum cargo capacity is 20 tons.

There is a limit to the maximum weight of the rocket, and even if a huge fuel tank is attached, conversely it will be impossible to produce enough propulsive force. This problem is a difficult part of rocket development, meaning that traveling in space is not easy even with modern scientific power.

Even after it flew the earth, there is a problem that it will be pulled back to the earth if it does not leave the gravity area.

Also, staying in the universe is said to be more difficult than reaching. In order to establish a stable position in the universe, it is necessary to enter the low orbit orbit around which the ISS or the like is traveling. Even if it enters the low orbit orbit, a large amount of kinetic energy is required, and at 100 km altitude the rocket is 8 km / It reaches the speed of.

The speed of 8 km / h (28,000 km / h) per second is the level at which the earth can circle in 90 minutes.

In order to solve this problem, the rocket does not fly straight, but is flying "to fly sideways". Because the Earth is a sphere, even if you fly laterally at a great speed never crash the ground ... ...

I draw curves and continue to fall ".

Using this method, the ISS is steadily orbiting at the speed of 27600 km / h on the earth's orbit.

Even just entering a low orbit orbit that is closer than the orbit of the moon requires a lot of energy ......

To go to other stars, more energy is needed. For example, in order to send a rocket to Mars, it will only spend half of the fuel of the rocket by plunging into the earth's orbit, but with the other half of the fuel it will go ahead to Mars 55 mn km. .

The rocket separates the parts after launch in order to use limited energy efficiently.

Since it is possible to trim large numbers of parts many times and finally put the space satellite on a low orbit orbit, you can see how interplanetary flight is difficult.

It is "rocket science" that confronts this difficulty.

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