Communication satellites and GPS are destroyed by cosmic garbage and life has come back to the 1970s, all the space development may be stopped

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Space debris (cosmic waste) such as rockets and fragments of broken satellites exists in the universe , and the number is increasing year by year. This space waste will hit the running satellite and so on to create further space debris, a chain of destruction will occur, the earth around it will be filled with space debris, the possibility that the life and future as of 2018 will change at once Is shown.

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The future living in stars other than the Earth, such as lunar base and Mars migration, has become reality, but in fact it is difficult to go to space in the future due to space exploration done so far The possibility is getting on.

What on earth is this all about? It is explained by YouTube science channel Kurzgesagt . It is not easy for mankind to go to space, it is necessary to raise the rocket at a very high speed and leave the atmosphere. And once you leave the atmosphere, the rocket will keep going faster and now it will turn sideways and go around the earth.

Hopefully the rocket can reach the low orbit of the earth, but it will be difficult to move the rocket here again out of low orbit.

This is convenient for space stations and satellites that need to stay right above the earth, and astronauts who repair.

However, if you keep on slow earth orbit for hundreds of years, the structure gradually wears due to air resistance, eventually it will break and fall to the earth. And, there are cases where some of the broken structures do not fall to the earth and remain on low orbit.

Also, the rocket, which is a means for heading to space, consists mostly of huge cylinders loaded with fuel.

As fuel is used, the rocket discards parts that are no longer needed, and we will lighten the airframe. At this time, there are parts that fall to the earth and burn out in the atmosphere ... ...

Many are going to have space around the earth. For this reason, due to decades of space development, the earth's low orbit is overflowing "garbage" such as broken satellites and remains of missile tests.

There are 2,600 artificial satellites that are not functioning around the earth, 10,000 objects larger than the monitor, and 20,000 objects that are larger than apple ... ...

In addition, it is said that there are 500,000 marbles-sized objects and 100 million small objects that can not be traced.

Those objects called " Space debris (space debris) " cross the Earth at maximum speed of 30 thousand kilometers and cross the earth.

Since the object is moving at a very high speed, even a small object such as a bean has power like a plasma cannon that pierces the metal and affects the surroundings with its energy.

Mankind has invested hundreds of trillion yen for global infrastructure in such space debris full of space debris.

Communication satellite or ...

Navigation and GPS related

Weather data

Tracking asteroids

Equipment related to thermal images and satellite laser ranging . However, from the daily life to the scientific discovery, such equipment related to many things can become unusable one day by the collision of cosmic garbage.

In fact, three to four satellites are destroyed each year by the collision of space debris.

In the next 10 years, the number of satellites and space debris is expected to increase by 10 times.

And what is frightening is the "chain reaction" in which various structures are destroyed by collision of space debris.

When two structures collide with each other ...

Parts that have been destroyed and fall apart will fly to space in a fast speed.

And another part of the satellite is destroyed by the scattered parts, another object is destroyed, ... and so on, there is a possibility that "Collision Cascade" where domain destroyed objects that dominate the universe are dominated may occur reason.

A number of "bullets" are created from one destroyed satellite, destroying multiple satellites, so as the satellite destruction occurs, the destruction speed of the whole will be accelerated.

Because the universe is vast, it takes time for the first two or three collisions to occur, but when we notice that a collision cascade has occurred, it can be a state of "it is already late" .

The number of space debris has already increased considerably and we can not return to the past.

The worst scenario is that the earth is covered with small space debris that can move at a speed of 30,000 kilometers per hour, which can not be traced.

In this case, it will be difficult to cross the low Earth orbit ...

All space projects that are being carried out in 2018, such as building lunar bases and exploring Mars, will have to be forbidden.

And many of our lives dependent on data sent from outer space such as communication and GPS should return to the past.

However, in order not to cause such a situation, companies are also trying to reuse rockets.

And there are ideas to eliminate already existing space debris.

One of them captures small orbits of space debris on the net and brings it to the earth with a small rocket.

There is also a plan to put harpoon at the tip of the taser gun and pierce the target and drop it into the atmosphere.

In addition, a method of sending a huge electromagnet to space and adjusting the flight path along the earth's magnetic field using magnetic components contained inside the satellite is also considered.

The method using net bathering also creates more conflict when trying to capture space debris and the possibility that it will result in increasing trash. For this reason, the method of using electromagnets is considered to be safer than the method using net bathers.

There is also a method of vaporizing a small space debris by launching a satellite equipped with a laser. Since this method does not need to approach the target, there is no risk of further garbage from the main body. You can not shoot down large space debris, but you can cut it and move it to a dangerous orbit.

Regardless of whatever technique is used, it is necessary to remove "space debris" as soon as possible. If you leave a hundred million small "bullets", the number will reach trillion in the blink of an eye. If we do not move into action, there is a possibility that the plan itself will be gone before we can fulfill the dream to the universe.

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