SpaceX releases dropping test of capsule decelerating parachute under development to safely return astronaut to earth

SpaceX led by Eylon Mask, in partnership with NASA, is a manned spaceship "Crew Dragon"We are developing. SpaceX trying to realize the first manned flight as a private rocket is developing a special capsule for returning the astronaut to the earth. We started experiments to decelerate the capsule safely using a parachute, and we are showing the state.

SpaceX Tests Crew Dragon Parachutes | Commercial Crew Program

You can see how the parachute to be installed in the capsule of Crew Dragon works by watching the following movie.

SpaceX Tests Crew Dragon Parachutes - YouTube

An object that hovers over the state of Arizona in the USA. This is a parachute attached to the "Crew Dragon" capsule to bring the astronaut back to Earth.

From the airplane in the sky, it falls slowly.

From the camera attached to the Crew Dragon capsule, there are four parachutes. These are the main parachutes attached to secure the capsule safely to the sea.

The ballast (weight) that is attached to the end of the main parachute is Crew Dragon capsule. Before experimenting with an actual machine, it is testing whether it can be dropped safely.

Both of the main parachutes seem to be functioning well.

Test to slow the Crew Dragon capsule with the main parachute fly over the skyC-130It was done by dropping the ballast from the transport machine.

A big black parachute which jumped out first ... opened.

The ballast integrated with the parachute pops out.

Furthermore, when the red one pops out ...

It grows like a column and becomes a parachute shape ......

Drop test started. Experiments were carried out in the form of dropping from the sky with an airplane as a fall from the universe.

This drop test was done with weight, but the real Crew Dragon capsule looks like this.

The capacity is seven, all the flights are to be controlled automatically.

It's already published what Crew Dragon's interior will look like.

Crew member of a private manned spacecraft "Crew Dragon" Inside the capsule is released, to the first flight of 2017 - GIGAZINE

The Crew Dragon capsule is planned to bring water safely to the sea first. However, it is planned to finally install a landing function with a reverse injection rocket so that it can land safely even in places like the Martian without a sea.

In addition, the landing test by the reverse spray rocket has already been carried out. With a tremendous explosion, you can see the reverse spraying in the following movie.

Dragon 2 Propulsive Hover Test - YouTube

This experiment examines the performance of the main parachute. The Crew Dragon capsule is planned to safely landing on the sea using the main parachute after decelerating with a parachute for deceleration.

Now that the space shuttle has retired,International Space Station (ISS)Astronaut transport to Russia is a reliable situation. NASA and SpaceX are planning to complete the manned flight system by Crew Dragon and return the United States to the alliance of space development again.

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