SpaceX actually launched the rocket and tested the emergency escape system of the manned spacecraft and succeeded

Elon Musk Mr. serve as CEO of the space development company SpaceX is January 19, 2020, a manned spacecraft in development ' Crew Dragon today announced that it has succeeded in emergency escape test of'. In the emergency escape test, Crew Dragon was actually launched using Falcon 9 , a commercial launch rocket of SpeceX, and Falcon 9 was blown up in the air.


SpaceX successfully tests escape system on new spacecraft — while destroying a rocket-The Verge

The emergency escape system of Crew Dragon is to cut off the crew-loaded Crew Dragon in the event of an emergency on the rocket and descend by parachute to a safe place. In the event of a serious failure of the rocket, eight SuperDraco engines embedded in the outer shell of the Crew Dragon capsule are used to keep the Crew Dragon away from potentially explosive rockets.

Since the test of Crew Dragon's emergency escape system previously performed by SpaceX was performed with the Crew Dragon fixed on the ground and dropped from the sky, SpaceX was actually tested near the launch of Crew Dragon He said he wanted to do this. So, on January 19, 2020, SpaceX reused Falcon 9 already used for three launches, launched Falcon 9 with Crew Dragon from Kennedy Space Center in Florida and tested the emergency escape system Was.

In the following movie, you can see the state of the emergency escape test of Crew Dragon.

Crew Dragon Launch Escape Demonstration-YouTube

The emergency escape system of Crew Dragon has been tested several times before, but in each case the Crew Dragon is almost fixed on the ground ...

It has been carried out in a state of being suspended by an aircraft, carried over the sky, and dropped from the sky.

This time, the Falcon 9 commercial launch vehicle was used to test the emergency escape system in almost the same situation as the actual launch. In this test, astronauts were not on Crew Dragon, but two dolls with sensors were mounted as dummy.

At the center of the image is Falcon 9 with Crew Dragon at the top. The countdown to launch has begun.

At 10:30 ET, Falcon 9 was launched as scheduled.

Falcon 9 is steadily rising.

One minute and 24 seconds (84 seconds) after the launch, the Crew Dragon emergency escape system was activated ...

Crew Dragon has been disconnected from Falcon 9.

The small white dot that appears on the tip of the rocket body, which is very small and hard to understand, emits white smoke, is the separated Crew Dragon.

Falcon 9 exploded about 10 seconds after Crew Dragon was disconnected. At this point, Crew Dragon was already far enough from Falcon 9 that there was no damage from the explosion.

Crew Dragon will fly to a safe place as it is ...

First, two deceleration parachutes were opened.

After that, four main parachutes are fired. The main parachute gradually opens ...

The main parachute is completely open. As it is, Crew Dragon falls toward a safe place on the Atlantic Ocean ...

Landing. Crew Dragon and the dummy doll were recovered safely by boat.

Astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Benken, who are scheduled to fly into space with Crew Dragon in 2020, also watched the launch. 'I think this test is important and will be very exciting for our launch,' commented Astronaut Benken.

The test does not mean that Crew Dragon will be put to practical use immediately, but it will be necessary to check the data and create additional documents, and that additional testing of the parachute updated in 2019 is also necessary. If everything goes well, Musk said the first flight of Crew Dragon could take place in the second quarter of 2020.

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