SpaceX successfully launched the rocket for the first time after the accident, released a movie at the moment of landing on a drone ship

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has developed a small rocketFailed to launchOn the other hand, SpaceX's "SpaceX" that caused an accident that a large explosion occurred in September 2016 and satellites were destroyedFalcon 9」Tried again for the launch, for the first time after the accident both takeoffs and landings were successful.

SpaceX Successfully Launches First Rocket Since September Accident

Falcon 9 of SpaceX is a two-stage commercial launch vehicle that launches artificial satellites. In the accident in September 2016, although the rocket had exploded in the satellite before the launch as well, we found out that helium in the tank was the cause, coped with the cause of the previous accident and dealt with in January 2017 I tried again to launch again on 15th, and it was successful. Until the accident happens, Falcon 9 has an average of one launch schedule every month, and in 2016 it was successfully launched eight times. In response to this success SpaceX plans to return Falcon 9 to the regular launch schedule.

Falcon 9 is not a "disposable rocket" like the conventional one, but after disconnecting the first stage rocket used at launch in the sky, let it descend automatically to the surface of the earth and let it land on a drone ship offshore, thereby reusing the aircraft We are making it possible. On the other hand, the landing rocket has not yet been used for reuse, the original scheduled "reuse of used rocket" in fall 2016 will be postponed and the next schedule will not be announced Hmm. "Reusable rocket" is part of SpaceX's long-term vision and if it succeeds it costs $ 5 million (about 5,700,000 dollars) for the conventional rocket of $ 61 million (about 6,980 million yen) Ten thousand yen) to 7 million dollars (about 800 million yen).

The moment of launch this time and a part of the footage photographed with a machine camera can be seen in the Business Insider at the moment when Falcon 9 lands on the draft ship from the sky.

SpaceX lands Falcon 9 rocket for first time in 2017 - Business Insider

Falcon 9 set on the launch pad began to spray smoke anymore ......

Successfully launched successfully this time.

It will be launched straight ahead.

When live broadcasting with the video is being done, Falcon 9 gets on track without problems, and cheers are rising from the surroundings.

Earth seen from machine mounted camera.

The scene changes and the drone ship serving as a shipyard is waiting behind the rocket descending toward the sea level.

Approach gradually and finely adjust by back-spraying before arrival.

You can see that successfully, the ship has been successful.

In addition, full-length images of takeoff and landing including the above video are also released on YouTube. The docking scene to the drone ship is about 27 minutes 30 seconds.

Iridium-1 Technical Webcast - YouTube

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