A documentary movie containing the enthusiasm of NASA's super large manned rocket "SLS" development facility and engineers heading to Mars "How to Build a Rocket to Mars"

It is the first human-made manned spacecraft heading for Mars, beyond SpaceX's "Falcon Heavy" and it will become the world's largest and largest high-powered launch vehicle in the history of humanitySpace Launch System(SLS: Space Launch System) is a facility of NASAMichoud Assembly Facility(Mishew Assembly Factory), jointly developed by NASA and Boeing staff. A documentary movie that shoots the development scenery of such huge SLS with such staff "How to Build a Rocket to Mars"Is published on YouTube's Great Big Story channel.

How to Build a Rocket to Mars - YouTube

"It is very wonderful to be involved in such a big plan"

"Every day we are making the next generation spacecraft capable of manned space flight"

This woman is Amanda Jodie Jenson. I work as a Boeing industrial engineer.

"We are at Mittie Assembly Plant in New Orleans and we are developing technology for human beings to land on Mars."

The address of the Chimami Mishaw Assembly Factory is 13800 Old Gentilly Rd, New Orleans, LA 70129, USA.

With the narration "We have a liftoff" (launch), the scene where Apollo 11 will be launched will be shown.

Next reflected is the scene where Apollo 11 moon landing ship is approaching the lunar surface.

Moon landing scenes are projected and Jodie Jenson talks about the relationship between Boeing and American rocket development. "Boeing played an important role in the Apollo planning era"

"We also played an important role in the space shuttle program."

"And now, Boeing plays an important role in the space launch system (SLS)," says Jodie Jenson. Animation emerges SLS of manned space rocket aiming for Mars in hand.

The SLS development scenery is displayed.

Switch to male narration and talk about SLS performance. "SLS is the largest in the world and the most powerful in human history"

A man who was doing narration appeared. It is Mr. Chad Bryant of NASA who is in charge of the manager of the core stage part of SLS. "Our current mission is to bring the astronauts into the deeper universe than ever and SLS is the platform to achieve that."

Mr. Bryant is in charge of the big fuel tank "Core Stage" in the middle of the lower row of SLS.

"Oxygen" is contained in the white elliptical fuel tank on the right side of the image, which is called the core stage. The lower white elliptical fuel tank at the core stage on the left side of the other image contains "hydrogen".

And by mixing these two ... ...

We will make violent explosive burning and produce thrust.

With this force the rocket is launched from the launch pad and can be sent deep into the universe that has never been reached.

With animation, SLS will fly towards Mars from Jodie Jenson's hand.

The rocket engine burns violently and the rocket heads for Mars.

Bryant talks about the difficulty of this plan. "Going to Mars is not easy"

"For this purpose, we have to do a lot of very fine rocket designs."

"In order to complete the mission, every part of the rocket needs to work perfectly"

"We carry the life of human beings, every mission fails with a small mistake"

"In order to accomplish things of this size, we can not do anything without tremendous amounts of teamwork."

Jodie Jenson talks about this job. "This work is basically similar to dancing all together ... ...."

"We are taking the role of leading dance"

"It is an important part of technology development to make mankind stand on Mars, so everyone is motivated to work in this work every day"

"Mars is the new ultimate settlement place"

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