Commercial rocket "Falcon Heavy" equipped with three times the conventional engine booster will be launched within one year

Space X announced that it is planning to launch a rocket "Falcon Heavy" with 27 engine boosters within one year. The first for the companyHLLV(Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle) and it is expected to be a new milestone for the rapidly growing commercial space industry.

It is said that it will be shaped like three connected Falcon 9 of the conventional type, and it seems that it will be quite impressive as it looks.

More about Falcon Heavy from the following.Falcon Heavy - SpaceX's Powerful New Rocket -

Elon Musk, founder of Space X Company, announced that it will launch "Falcon Heavy" with 3 times the power of the previous model "Falcon 9" within one year. The picture below is Mr. Musk and the traditional "Falcon 9". As the name "9", you can see that there are 9 engine boosters in a row.

While Falcon Heavy is the largest commercial rocket, the structure of the fuselage is based on the usual Falcon 9, and two of the first stage parts of Falcon 9 are added to the left and right of it as a liquid oxygen engine Therefore, it is expected to maintain cost effectiveness.

A state of the ignition test of the rocket engine.

Here is Falcon 9 for demonstration.

Falcon waiting at the Cape Canaveral launcher in Florida 9.

For Space X Company, held on December 8, a historic Falcon 9 test flight. As a result, Space X Company became the first company in history to fulfill a reentry from the Earth's atmosphere.

"Dragon" is a spacecraft consisting of a conical pressurized capsule and a cylindrical unpressurized trunk connected to the rear of it, which is installed at the top of Falcon 9. On the test flight on 8th December, Falcon 9 was separated from the Earth orbit, and the Dragon made two laps of the earth and successfully returned.

The figure below compares the Falcon series of Space X company side by side. It also has a comparative chart of engine configuration and number of cores.

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