Physicists & Origami artists who apply patterns of origami to rockets and air bags

Compact and lightweight robot applying "origami" structureYaSpace panelIn recent years, the pattern of Japanese traditional play "origami" has been applied in the field of science and technology. Known as a physicist and origami artistRobert LangIs a person who has retired from his previous job and has accumulated careers through origami. To the source of 46 ideas of Lang who got patentedGreat Big StoryIs approaching.

See a NASA Physicist's Incredible Origami - YouTube

Something like a small paper container ... ...

It opens in a flash.

A foldable structure like an accordion

Various patterns are born from one sheet of paper, such as a structure that changes from a plane to a solid in less than 1 second.

Traditional Japanese play "origami"The most important characteristic of this is that the pattern of" paper folding "can be applied to completely different from paper.

"I will use mathematical tools for origami design" is also a physicist and origami artistRobert LangMr.

With mathematical knowledge, the origami I made is beautiful, and it will be "unexpected finish".

Mr. Lang lives in California, USA. Open the drawer ......

There were various kinds of paper lined up there.

"Origami is a Japanese art made by folding paper, usually made from a piece of paper that does not contain cuts or rifts," Lang says.

"I have always liked origami and I was crazy from the time I was a child," Lang's note says that the way to make origami is densely memorized.

Mr. Lang who studied science and engineering and NASA has a job related to laser, but even through those work I always think that I am pursuing origami and thinking about a new design.

Writing about OrigamiThere is also.

It was in 2001 that Mr. Lang left his job and devoted himself to origami.

One of the ideas that I thought at this time was "to fold a round paper into a tubular shape".

This will be applied later to the rocket.

Also, the structure of the origami is also used for airbags. It is stored small, but it will be huge design once inflated.

When an engineer makes something to open and close in a controlled way, Lang says the pattern of origami is available.

It is mathematics that can break such complicated things.

Normally, origami is completed in at most 20 to 30 steps, but by incorporating mathematics, origami patterns that require hundreds or thousands of foldings are born.

"When folding origami, it's like when you're dancing with a partner who knows how to move, when you are with old friends," Lang says.

"Because you know the movement of the opponent, you can explore the world of mathematics, develop equations, solve equations, and create" how to fold "

"And when I saw the completed one"

"It's often a beautiful figure."

"What moves me is new problems, new themes, new forms, etc."

Mr. Lang made bats and ...






Birds and so on, various.

"I did not expect to be able to make something like this, but now I learned about" how to notice. "Each time I solve the problem, I feel awesome. We want it, "Lang said.

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