I tried staying at cheap LA Downtown · Little Tokyo nearby & traffic convenience hotel "American Hotel"

America · Los Angeles is a base for business on the west coast and is also one of America's leading tourist cities with temperate climate & excellent beaches and Disney resorts. Downtown in the center of Los Angeles is an attractive city, so the hotel fee is relatively high. I searched for a cheap hotel in downtown & reputable hotel and it was a Japanese city Little Tokyo (Little TokyoClean and reasonable hotel near "American HotelSince I found it, I tried to make sure that the high reputation was real, staying at once.

American Hotel - Los Angeles - USA

The nearest station of American Hotel is "Union Station" of Metro Rail (subway / road bus). There is also a shuttle bus terminal from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to downtown, so it is often the case that you take care of when you head downtown.

It is about 20 minutes on foot from Union Station to American Hotel. However, there are few people on sidewalks attached to the main road, so it is better to avoid walking around at night. Shared shuttle "SuperSuttle"It's also an impression that you go straight to the hotel in front of the hotel by taxi or Uber".

Arrived at the American Hotel in the district where many artists live called "Arts District (art district)". It is a tasteful appearance of brick climbing.

address"303 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013". It is a location very close to Los Angeles' Japanese Street 'Little Tokyo'.

I tried to enter the hotel but the entrance was a locked door.

You can not enter inside unless you unlock by entering the code.

Before check-in, call the front desk of hotel and unlock it. Even if you can not call, as long as you wait for a while, hotel guests will come out, so you can wait for it.

When you open the door, the stairs continue to the second floor. If you have a big carry bag, it is quite "baptism".

There is an Office room with a check-in counter on the left that struck the stairs.

I will check in at inside.

It is OK if you get Wi - Fi password and entrance door code with room key.

It is recommended to shoot with the smartphone camera etc the unlock code of the entrance door.

It is a four story American hotel but no elevator.

Every corridor / staircase is carpeted and the carry of the carry bag is not good. I have a hard time holding a big carry bag.

The corridor is like this. Cleaning is perfect and there is a feeling of cleanliness.

There was a stairwell (courtyard space) in the corridor in some places.

Open the room and enter the room.

Single room (15 square meters) is for single people with double size bed. It can accommodate up to 2 adults.

You can make a bed making by placing the plate on the doorknob outside.

The interior is also a carpet.

Table and chairs near the entrance door 2 legs. Two bottles of mineral water were placed on the table as a welcome drink. As I expected, I moved to the bedside because the front door did not settle, but the chair and table were light and the movement was relatively easy.

Closet to be hung on the entrance.

Security box is a type that sets 4 digit PIN.

In addition, the interior is completely non-smoking specification. In the unlikely event, smoking will impose a penalty of $ 250 (about 28,000 yen).

Trash can and baggage rack.

A closet that seems to be able to cope well for long-term stay.

The size of the refrigerator is large, too, and it seems to be able to incorporate a lot of drinks and ingredients.

Big size in the side of the closet.

The bed is double cushion type, it is hard specification.

There are two side tables on both sides.

Towel small · large and 2 bath towels were provided for each under the side table.

There was an alarm clock on the back side table, a sleeping ear plug with the remote control of the TV.

32 inch LCD TV in front of the bed.

Next to the TV is a mysterious door. The passage thought to be continuing with the next room was blocked and could not be used.

Air conditioner embedded in wall. However, the climate of Los Angeles is moderate throughout the year, so there may not be much use scenes.

There is one room light on the ceiling.

Let the table lamp light up to a good atmosphere.

Wall bricks are, of course, genuine.

View from the 4th floor. In addition, it turned out later that the prepared earplugs were for youth countermeasures at night.

Free Wi-Fi is about 50 Mbps fairly reasonably fast, and comfortable surfing was possible.

The big reason why American Hotel is cheap despite being in downtown Los Angeles where the hotel's hotel charge is high is in the presence of "shared shower / toilet". Of course the shower / toilet room can be locked so you can safely monopolize during use.

There is no washlette in the toilet. However, it was frequently cleaned and kept clean at all times.

A large washbasin beside the shower room.

The shower room which is divided by the curtain is equipped with body soap and shampoo. Besides the room where the shower / toilet was united, there was also a bigger toilet / shower room on each floor, so it was possible to use less so crowded.

There are so many painted buildings as there are only Arts district around American Hotel. A woman was drawn on the back of the American Hotel.

ATM near the hotel. Is this also art? ....

There is also a rental cycle near the hotel, and you can explore downtown altogether.

The fee was 3.5 dollars (about 390 yen) every 30 minutes, 1 daily pass for 1 day was 7 dollars (about 780 yen).

However, the big advantage of American Hotel is that the electric bus of 50 cents (about 56 yen) operated by the Los Angeles City Transportation Bureau "DASH"Downtown A course bus stop is located 3 minutes on foot.

The bus stop from the American Hotel is as follows.

DASH to ride from the front throws 50 cents into the coin holder and gets on. If you want the car to stop, you can pull the rope hanging on the window and signal it. Downtown A route is a circular line via Metro Rail "7th Street / Metro Center Station", so it is very convenient when going to other towns in Los Angeles, not to mention downtown.

Accommodation cost of American Hotel is $ 95 for a single room for 2 people (about 10,000 yen), a family room for 4 people for 103 dollars (about 11,000 yen), an inexpensive fee at Los Angeles Downtown. Accessibility with public transport such as subway and bus is also good and it seems to be useful as a convenient and cheap hotel which is easy to explore all the parts of Los Angeles, not to mention downtown and Little Tokyo.

American Hotel - Los Angeles - USA

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