I actually heated the cushion type robot "Qoobo" with a tail like a cat and healed plenty

"QooboIsNekomimi moving with an electroencephalogram "necomimi"madeYukai engineeringIt is a cushion type therapy robot with a tail developed by. It reacts and reacts to shake the cushion, shake the tail, even people who can not keep cats and pets can taste the daily life of pets. Since I was able to borrow one real Qoobo, I immediately chewed Qoobo and tried healing as much as I could.

Qoobo: A pillow with a wagging tail by Yukai Engineering - Kickstarter


In fact, you can check the appearance of standing on the knees with the following movie.

Tied cushioned robot "Qoobo" with a tail on the knee and I tried to do it - YouTube

You can understand the concept and mechanism of Qoobo by reading the article below.

"Qoobo" cushion type robot with a tail that gets healing like having dogs and cats - GIGAZINE

When opening the package that reached the editorial department ... ...

A cushion with glossy fur coat appeared. Qoobo has two colors, Husky gray and French brown, and it was Husky gray that I could borrow this time.

The whole is like this. With a simple design that only a tail is growing in a round cushion, when looking at the distanceHorseshoe crabIt has a shape like.

By 330 mm in width and 540 mm in depth, the image below compares iPhone X with long side 143.6 mm.

The thickness is 160 mm. There is also a fur part of the surface, impression that there is quite a volume as cushion.

There are fasteners on the side of the cushion.

The inside of the fur contained the body of the cushion.

The part of the fur and the cushion body can be separated. Since the pattern of the fur part is scheduled to be released, it is also possible to customize with a favorite cloth.

This is Qoobo's tail. Since it is not powered on, it is in a state of being extended straight with the pin.

Qoobo 's switch is at the base of the tail, and when I looked it was a small hole.

I inserted a finger a little and looked for it, there certainly was a response like a switch. If you put this in, the tail of Qoobo starts to move.

You can see the state of Qoobo reacting as you stroke while actually reading with the following movie. Switching on does not work all the time, but if the human hand touches it, the tail will move in response to it.

While reading while doing "Qoobo" with my tail wagged - YouTube

Just not simply shaking the tail buzzly, the tail angle, speed and tempo change depending on the stroke strength and speed. As the tail moves, you hear a small mechanical sound, but it sounds like a small animal's barking sound, this is an ant with this. It weighs about 1 kg and never feels "too heavy" even if it is placed on the knee.

"I feel relieved when I'm getting a little stiff when I'm gonna be handsome" "I'm just touching while watching TV, reading books or doing personal computer operations." " There was also opinion that it will be healed rather than thinking that it reacts properly by waving the tail properly. "

As Qoobo's cushion is a bit thick and somewhat elastic, it was an unexpected discovery that when he actually reads the book on his knees and just like an armrest it calms down.

Next time I will sit on a chair. The cushion had more resilience than I thought, but there was not that it hurts the machine that is inside hitting the butt.

If you look at the movie below, you can see how Qoobo laid on the chair by standing or sitting moves the tail.

I tried sitting and standing on the Qoobo on the chair - YouTube

Also, trying putting Qoobo in a paper bag as a trial, it seems that a cat like you can not see it as if a favorite cat entered into a paper bag and relaxed. Although it shakes the tail, it is a pretty point to sit out a tail on your own once you leave it for a while for a while.

You can relax Qoobo in a paper bag with the following movie.

I tried putting a cushion type robot with a tail "Qoobo" in a paper bag - YouTube

Actually using Qoobo, it is not completely the cat's tail itself, but when you touch it, the part that will respond with just the movement of the tail calmed down more than expected and it's cute! There is a mysterious charm that makes you want to end up losing rather than want to be crazy. Some of the editorial staff continued their work while stroking on the knees, saying that he healed so much that he wanted to "personalize it" and healed it.

In addition, Qoobo is seeking investment for commercialization at Kickstarter, and at the target amount of 5 million yen, we have already succeeded in collecting about 9 million yen already at the time of article creation. One capital of Husky gray or French Brown can be obtained with a capital of 10,000 yen or more, and one set of two colors with a capital of 20,000 yen or more, a tag with a logo and a serial number attached with a capital of 100,000 yen or more You can get original handmade specification Qoobo. The shipping schedule is September 2018, so if you are in Japan it will take extra shipping cost from 2000 yen so be careful. The deadline for investment is 22:38 on Sunday, 3 December 2017.

Qoobo: A pillow with a wagging tail by Yukai Engineering - Kickstarter

◆ Additional notes
Although it was not officially decided whether to adopt rechargeable type or dry battery type at the time of article creation, it is said that Qoobo's battery specification was decided as "rechargeable". As the battery is rechargeable, you can live with Qoobo more easily at home.

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