I tried staying at Star Metro Hotel near Hong Kong mobile resale market

Reselling iPhoneThe state ofFake marketAlthough I took a ticket to go to Hong Kong to explore, I was looking for a cheap hotel to dare to close, and the hotel called Star Metro Hotel in Mong Kok near the marketExpediaIt is a sale price, and I tried to stay with being able to stay at about half of the usual price.

Star Metro Hotel - (Mong Kok, Hong Kong)

The location of Star Metro Hotel is "44-46 Dundas St" and near "Dundas Street Sitting - Out Area".

Arrived in front of the building where Star Metro Hotel enters.

The entrance is a black gate, and there are several liquor store (hotel) in the same building.

Looking at the sign in the building ... ...

Discover the signboard of the Star Metro Hotel, heading to the 7th floor with the hotel.

Upon arriving at the 7th floor, we found the same signboard as on the 1st floor.

Since the letter "sales" was written on the door, it enters ... ...

There was no one in the entrance.

When I took a message using the telephone at the front desk, the employee who answered the phone said that things like "I will go up for the time being" because I can hardly speak English. I thought that "employees will be able to speak English" because it is such an accommodation as mentioned in Expedia, but the idea was sweet.

I counted the number of rooms on the hotel floor until the employee arrives, and it seems that the number of rooms is five. I was concerned that household items such as toilet paper were placed in the corridor.

After a while employees came. Pass 100 Hong Kong dollars (about 1400 yen) as a deposit, and receive the card key and enter the room.

The size of the room is about 4 tatami mats, and the bed occupies most space of the room. Sheets etc are clean and clean. The bed comfortable is not too hard, it is not too soft and it is a satisfactory level if you consider the price.

The ceiling is neither low nor high.

There was a small painting decorated somewhere to feel like Chinese.

The room had TV, telephone, pot, cup, there was no refrigerator or safe.

Because there are multiple power supplies, people who want to charge mobile phones, cameras, personal computers, etc. are safe ...... But Hong Kong is a British style of the three-pronged so I needed a conversion plug and there was not such a hotel in particular here.

The bathroom in the back is a unit type with a toilet.

The shower was able to use it comfortably coming out of the hot water properly.

"Small comfortable smooth (floor slides, so be careful)" is written.

White body soap and green shampoo were prepared and it seemed that the quality itself did not have any problem although I felt the fragrance which I do not feel in Japan.

The price of the Star Metro Hotel will vary depending on the reservation date, availability and season, but as far as Expedia is concerned it seems that the price is around 5000 yen to 10000 yen price, so that you can stay at 4748 yen including tax I could do it. It seems that there are also some hotels that seems to be better in the neighborhood when paying 10,000 yen if you try to search in several times, so it is not bad if it is 5000 yen, it seems to be high if it is 10,000 yen. Bus stops and subways are nearby, so people who have a chance to visit nearby do not seem to get bad even if they stay.

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